Time Flies

Well as the title says, time flies. 5 days have come and gone since I managed to get back on here and I haven’t posted a thing. It has been busy though. My twin brother(yes there are 2 of us) arrived Friday morning from the great white north (Pennsylvania), he and I fished Saturday, I was in the shop Sunday and Monday, and today we wired up Franks’s elevator. English John is returning to England tomorrow evening after a 12 week visit that started Dec. 11th and we’ve been wondering where that time flew off to, and last but not least starting tomorrow we’re getting ready for and going to the Bonita Beach boat show through Sunday. This will be our last boat show for the season and takes us right up to the annual tent sale at Fishin Franks which is March 15th. I think we actually get a break after that and I intend to spend as much time as possible on the water after that. The only thing I can offer in the way of fishing stories and advice is hit the river and break out the shrimp and jig-heads. My brother and I had a great day Saturday out there on the Peace River and although we didn’t bring any in we caught plenty of red fish and snook. They’re there for the taking for those of you that don’t do catch and release. Lots of really big ladyfish too for some poor man’s tarpon fishing and stocking up on some chunk bait. Anyway, if any of you are down Bonita Beach way over the next 4 or 5 days, swing into the boat show and pay us a visit.

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