Gordon’s Goliath

You might remember Gordon from a previous blog when we helped him to catch his very first sandbar shark!  He is back in the USA and was happy to get back on to the sand with us!  The first trip out was a day time trip that didn’t produce anything!  The waters along the coast are pretty chilly right now so sharks are few and far between.  Some sharks can go weeks without eating in the cooler months.

We decided to make a night trip to see if we could change our luck a bit!  We set out early about 4pm due to the fact that I had to renew my overnight park pass.  There has been some controversy over this the last few weeks.   To fish at stump or boca pass you must obtain an annual pass from the parks main office if you want to fish after hours!  Many people were sighted 80$ ticket each for violating and parking outside the gate and simply walking in.

We had lines in the water as Gordon arrived.  Sting ray and mullet were bait of choice this evening.  We had a run about sunset and missed the fish.  When we reeled up to check the bait and noticed no teeth marks, we knew we were going to be playin with Goliath Grouper tonight.

Andrew switched out to a fresh bait and then it was a waiting game.  It was a sloooooow night!  We had a few more runs but this fish wouldn’t commit. A lot of grouper will play with your bait like a dog plays with a chew toy!  The key is to let them eat and really get a nice strong run going before setting hook!  This is exactly what we did the last run of the evening Gordon was finally hooked up on a fish! This grouper wasn’t happy to be on our line!  Long fast runs trying to shake those hooks free!  Gordon got a work out fighting with fish with no harness! After about a 20 min fight on the 80w he finally landed this dinosaur from the deep!  Another great fish story to bring back to the UK!

Check out the video of Gordon’s awesome catch!



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