Penn Conflict

When I first saw this reel I had to pick one up for myself! I love my battle and I heard a rumor that this reel was it’s new competitor! I picked up one for myself and filled it with 20lb Invisabraid, my favorite! Since I started using this line I rarely see wind knots! I took my new conflict and star rod combo to the beach but had no luck. Yesterday we headed out to the el jobean pier for a test run.


This reel feels lighter than my penn battle and I started throwing out a few lures. Casting was great and I was able to really get that lure out there! A few bites from some lady fish but I couldn’t seem to hook anything! As we were setting up to fish some live bait, Andrew saw a school of fish blowing up bait behind us within casting distance. He threw an xrap into the school and within seconds he was hooked up on a feisty mackerel! The reel performed great and has smooth drag.


If your on the fence about trying a new reel I would give this one a try! I can’t wait to see how it performs along the beach with some big snook! I also plan to use it in an upcoming tournament I’ll be competing in at the end of the month! More reviews to come as I break her in more! Of course these are in stock at Fishin Franks if you want to check them out! Have a great weekend & tight lines!

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