The wait? Yea, it’s over


Man on the Pier

Well, whatever we were all waiting for seems to have shown up on our doorstep this week. No, not spring. Spring fishing.

As anglers sometimes I think we forget the fishing we wait all year for doesn’t just magically appear overnight. But once March comes around and we have a couple of 80 degree days everyone starts champing at the bit. Let’s not forget this: Mother Nature runs on her own schedule and the fish follow suit.

The talk around town lately has been “we’re about a month behind where we should be” and “there’s no white bait in the Harbor.”


While white bait has been a little scarce so far, I think it’s our impatience as anglers that leads us to believe we’re behind schedule fishing-wise. However, the signs that “it’s on” I saw around upper Charlotte Harbor the past two days point directly to the fishing we’ve all been waiting for.

Cobia and shark season is in full swing, and the tarpon fishing is steadily heating up. And I know that not only because of the fish that have been caught this week but by the other occurrences this time of year that come with it. One of the things I love about fishing on the U.S. 41 bridge overlooking the Harbor is the vantage point. Recently I’ve seen sea turtles, spotted eagle rays – among legions of both cownose and stingrays – white butterflies (can you say tarpon?) and yes, some silver kings rolling around the bridge.

Sure, maybe the white bait could be more abundant. But there are plenty of whiting, sand trout, skip jacks, jack crevalle, etc. And the mullet are thick. So quit complaining and start enjoying the fishing. It’s pretty darn good.

Until next time, hook ’em up and fight ’em hard.

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