When life hands you lemons

Shark season is in full swing here in south west Florida. They are following the tarpon and looking for a quick tasty meal! The family and myself headed out for a night of shark fishing from shore.

I decided we needed to try a new area since boca pass has been SO crowded with fishermen & boats making it a bit hard to land a fish. Shark guys I can’t stress enough that you must start cleaning up after yourselves!!!! Last time I was in the pass I gathered up a cooler full of garbage from just the spot I was sitting in. Bonita tails all over and at least 4 leader sections and glow sticks laying all over the sand. We also spoke with a park ranger who was very upset over some late night gate vandalism. They are working on installing a security camera due to the increased vandalism at this location. Land based shark fishing is under intense scrutiny already. We don’t need to add garbage piles and vandalism to the list of complaints!

We set out on a side beach of boca grande. It was a beautiful and quiet evening and I was really hoping for a bite! A group of people were having a BBQ, playing fetch with their dogs and we were all just having a blast! About 25 mins after the sunset a hungry sharky picked up my bait! I was using one of our avet 80w with 100lb mono. She put up a good fight in the wavy conditions. After about 20 mins I landed a beautiful Lemon Shark!


Lemon sharks are easily identifiable by their second dorsal almost as large as their first. A lot of people mistake them for bullsharks (which I’ve done myself in a rush) and even nurse sharks! The second dorsal is key to identifying this shark! These are the only shark species that can bite their own tails! Watch your fingers and toes and handle with care!

Lemon sharks are protected in Florida so we worked hard to keep her in the water while we measured, tagged and snapped a few quick pics! She measured 8 foot even and was a pregnant female, the surf conditions made for an easy release. As soon as we took the tail rope off she wiggled away and released herself! Can’t argue with that!


Later that evening we assisted some guys down the beach land TWO 8 foot plus bullsharks back to back! Their camera wasn’t functioning so thankfully I was able to tag one of their fish and get them a few pics to remember their awesome catches! They even let my son have a turn on the reel which made his night! Thanks for sharing Scott, you made Aiden’s night! I love meeting kind & positive shark fishermen.

If your headed out this weekend please remember to respect your fish and those fishing around you. You can do this by cleaning up your mess and any other mess you find along the beach! There’s so much plastic in our ocean already! If we all work together to clean it up the beaches will be even more enjoyable! Good luck my fellow fishermen! Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!!

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One response to “When life hands you lemons”

  1. Ian says :

    here is a video of me catching a 7 foot lemon shark! thought everyone might find this interesting.

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