Summer Heat

The summer is really heating things up including the fishing here in south west Florida! White bait is FINALLY returning to our beaches, which is a great sign. Just this morning our cast net was finally full of larger greenbacks and a few other random white baits! Right away I threw a green back on and headed down the beach, with in three casts I was hooked up on a juvenile beach snook!
Bigger game fishing has been better at night! The Goliath Grouper have been putting on a show recently from Venice to Fort Myers these guys are hungry and loving fresh stingray at the moment! Remember these guys are protected so it’s important to keep them IN the water during dehooking and pictures! A number of local captains are tagging Goliaths! Anglers please keep a look out for this and write down tag numbers if your lucky enough to get a recapture! Chris from Indiana was in town visiting his sister and had a blast hooked up on this guy!
Last but not least SHARKS! They have been few and far between recently. Bigger sharks have been moving north towards Tampa following tarpon. Monday we set out for some night fishing with our shark reels. We arrived at the beach to find Jim & his family and friends setting up to do the same! We met them earlier in the year and they hoped that tonight they would finally be successful and land their first shark!

Shortly after sunset their penn 130 started screaming! I ran over to help Jim get harnessed in and we all cheered him on as he reeled! We were all making guesses on what was on the other line, after about 15 mins his beautiful 8 foot bullshark came up in the surf! Andrew went in to grab her and tail rope, we quickly tagged her and snapped some pics! Jim pulled this heavy girl back out into the dark waters and helped her swim away! The best part of tag and release shark fishing is teaching others! Thanks Jim and family for letting us tag her!

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