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Fish Club August 12th or 13th How to Fall Fishing

Fish club at Luigi’s Port Charlottes will be August 12th & 13th, Capt, Cayle & Robert along with me Fishin Frank will be telling the secerts of fishing late in the summer, how the tide effects things which lures work. and where to use them,
Fish which fish are still here in catchable numbers. and how to find them.
6:30pm to 8:pm Tuesday or Wednesday

The tarpon map is fixed and up

The map did not load for some reason but it is up and ready

August meeting late summer fishing

this is a link to the Fishin CLub page
August meeting is about what fish are here and how to catch those fish.
The tides can have a major effect on the fishing,
baits’ lure’s Rig’s

Hungry Goliaths!


All around the landbased shark fishing community I’m seeing less and less sharks being caught and more Goliath grouper! A lot of the sharks that hang around our costal waters are currently offshore enjoying the plentiful food source the Bonita and mackerel are providing for them offshore! There’s still a few hanging out our beaches but not in large numbers as we saw earlier this spring.

Goliath Grouper are protected in florida and this means keeping them IN the water for your pictures and dehooking. This isn’t a fish that survives well after being dragged onto the dry sand due to there amazing size! Goliath grouper are also known as “Jew fish” bc they are the largest kosher fish (that you can’t eat). They range in size locally from 5lbs to 500lbs! They frequent structure such as bridges, pilings.

These are a blast to catch especially on lighter tackle they really wear you out! Off a boat most guys use a weighted leader or “knocker rig” to get the bait down to the bottom quickly where these big boys like to hang around structure! Off the beach we use out every day shark leaders with great success! Bait of choice is stingray, jack & mullet. Hang on & have a blast! Remember to report any tagged Goliath grouper to your local fwc office!


TOO hot? not to catch Tarpon

Yes it is hot out, and yes there are a lot of nasty afternoon storms, But the cool thing is you can goo right up between 41 & I-75 and catch tarpon,
If you are on a trailer with your boat put in at either Lasiley park or Harbor heights boat ramps, If it is during the week I would go with laishley weekends Harbor heights which is much less busy.
meander your way towards I-71, if you are coming from laishley /41 you may see the Tarpon right there around that bridge but the majority of The Tarpon have been up by I-75. now you will need some 3/4 once rat-l-traps gold with back or Orange & black, cast the rat-l-traps count to 4 once it hits the water and start a slow steady retrieve. If that is not getting you hits you get out the DOA bait-busters, white or white gold or glow changes by the minute but again cast it out and count 4 after it hits the water you want some depth to it when you start to retrieve it. ”
How the Good and weird part of it. They have been hitting with in a few feet of the boat. Most of the time you are reeling in a lure and after the first half of the cast you are just cranking in to cast again, not here not now, bring it right next to the boat figure “8” it then pull it out to cast again. and set your drag as loose as you can and still reel in effectively, because if a 60 pound Tarpon hits that lure 1 foot of the boat you need to give it line to move out a safer distance, a 60 pound fish floppin in the boat is a unreal cool thing to watch, but it can be dangerous to you and a real mess to clean up, not even to forget how bad it is for that Tarpon, blood, scales, slime & poop every where, Once the Tarpon get 30 feet away from the boat, set up on the fish, grab your spoon jerk hard 3 times very quickly and let go of the spool. now your Tarpon is hooked and hang on fight nice and remember to bow { lower the rod tip } when the Tarpon jumps .
All this takes place from day light until maybe 10:am so you go out catch your Tarpon and are home before it get too hot.
I love it when these cool things are happing and it is now! so if you have a couple hours early get out there. Things will change as the summer continues
Fishin Frank

fishin club meeting tonight Gag Grouper

D A fb ppic
Here is Dave and Dave has a Secret Bait rig he has allowed me to share. Do you want to catch fish like this?

This is one you want to come to, I have a really cool way to bait which I doubt if you have ever seen, if you want to see it put together. tonight 6:30 at Luigi’s call 941 625 3888 for seats we have 9 seats left. or just stop in tomorrow night
Yes this is cool enough and order dinner and a drink relax and enjoy the show.

Tomorrow night at Luigi’s Fish Club

Free class on catching Gag Grouper, gags are one type of grouper which you can catch legal size ones right in the harbor,
want to know what a squid-dom is you will find out about this and more tip’s on catch Gags at Luigi’s 6:30pm Tuesday night the class runs until 8;pm this is free no cost,
Call (941) 625-3888 for seating on Tuesday night, or come by Wednesday July 9th for open seating.
Robert, Capt. Cayle & Fishin Frank will be there to help you catch your keeper gag

July fihsin Club Gag grouper

Fishin Club grouper
NOW that I have your attention 🙂
  Next meeting date — July 8th & 9th
This meeting is about GAG Grouper
Tuesday the 10th call for seats, (941)627-3888
come on to Luigi’s eat, drink, & Fishing what more could ya want
This is about
Gag grouper is open now, We are going to
go over the best rigs, baits, and trolling styles
as well as the best places, and how to fish them.
in other words all things Gag Grouper  
1.- Where to find them, How to catch em,
2.- How to find them.
3.- What the best lures are. .
. Chumming?????
4.- which Rod & reels work best.
5.- What bait to use to catch the most,
6- what will catch
7- where the .
 call 941-625-3888 to reserve seats now
for The Fishin Club Tuesday night at Luigi’s.
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Artificial snook

Earlier this week we stopped at our favorite englewood beach hang out to try out our new soft plastic lures. We were using the Hogy brand. We ordered various sizes from 7-10 inches and colors along with weighted hooks.

It was a pretty wavy day with a large sandbar at the shoreline. It only took about three throws with the 7inch white soft plastic to hook a nice morning snook. The fish hit right outside the crashing waves. It’s great to try new techniques and see success! Usually the fish at this location are pretty picky with all the live bait around.


fishin & fire works 2014

Happy 4th Remember to sow down if you are taking your boat to watch the fire works, and make sure you have a white light “anchor light 360 degree” and your red & greens working. there are a ton of crab traps on the river right now so for a safty thing, a knife to cut trap rope, a pair of pliers and a wire cutter “dykes” diagonal cutter to cut a crab trap off your prop, the best thing is to go slow and not hit one,
but to tell the truth that is tough at night, the lights which allow other to see you your anchor & red & greens also may blind you, So best thing is to have the anchor light behind you, keep the light out of your eyes and your eyes adjust to the dark.

If I was going to fish during the fire works, I would have one rod in a holder and a piece of cut lady fish or blue crab on a 7/0 hook 60 pound leader and let the bait go about 2 feet below the boat, right next to the boat, don’t cast this one out, it is surprising how many fish will go under your boat.

Then I would free line a shrimp out to try and catch a fresh lady fish, put that on your rod cast this one out about 20 feet with a heavy sinker, No floats at the fire works it is asking for some one to run over your line, why start a problem stick to sinkers it is only maybe 6 feet deep it will work .

Lots of light on your boat and go back slowly there is no need to hurry, you will get back faster by taking your time, enjoy the ride and be safe
Fishin Frank

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