Hungry Goliaths!


All around the landbased shark fishing community I’m seeing less and less sharks being caught and more Goliath grouper! A lot of the sharks that hang around our costal waters are currently offshore enjoying the plentiful food source the Bonita and mackerel are providing for them offshore! There’s still a few hanging out our beaches but not in large numbers as we saw earlier this spring.

Goliath Grouper are protected in florida and this means keeping them IN the water for your pictures and dehooking. This isn’t a fish that survives well after being dragged onto the dry sand due to there amazing size! Goliath grouper are also known as “Jew fish” bc they are the largest kosher fish (that you can’t eat). They range in size locally from 5lbs to 500lbs! They frequent structure such as bridges, pilings.

These are a blast to catch especially on lighter tackle they really wear you out! Off a boat most guys use a weighted leader or “knocker rig” to get the bait down to the bottom quickly where these big boys like to hang around structure! Off the beach we use out every day shark leaders with great success! Bait of choice is stingray, jack & mullet. Hang on & have a blast! Remember to report any tagged Goliath grouper to your local fwc office!


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