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Flats Fishing!


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of ending an amazing trip with Tenacity Guide Service with some flats fishing on the way back to dry land. My target species was snook. I love these fish. In any shape or size they are so much fun to catch. Always putting on a show then your hooked!

We started fishing with live greenbacks we gathered along the gulf beaches earlier in the day! This was one of the most active flats I’ve seen. As we pulled up I watched huge redfish run towards the mangroves, southern sting rays scatter. We threw a net of greenbacks in to really get the fish fired up and let them know “heyyyy here’s some food”. As soon as your bait touched the water you were hooked up.

Everyone on the boat was catching. Fish were various sizes, starting Sept 1st you can harvest one snook per person per day. The fish must be 28-33 inches to the tip of the tail. Anglers are also required to have a 10$ snook stamp in addition to your regular Florida fishing license. This can be done at fishin franks!

Snook after snook we had a blast with the live bait but Andrew wanted to know if they would hit artificial. Kicking himself bc he left his spooks at home on the counter he tied on a quick jig with a soft plastic and threw it in. After about 30 seconds he was hooked up. I could of stayed there all afternoon!

Waders are in my immediate future!



The Heat, me & a fish face

I don’t know what is wrong this year, I useally really enjoy the heat. I would sit down in the truck and just let it soak in, or stand in the sun, like the big old Lizard I am. But this year it seems like we are closer to the sun. I was sanding, one of the boats to gel coat it, and had to carry a rag to keep wipeing my sweat I was getting the boat wet. And yesterday putting the new front live well on the bus, I kept going under the trees.
Maybe I am getting old or we shifted closer to the sun and they are not telling us. But the last couple of morning is giving me hope. in the 70’s and a nice breeze.
It seems like the fish are reacting to the cool mornings as well
Trout early in the day as well as Red fish and Snook, are biting until between 9 to 10:am then they take a siesta.
The Spanish Mackerel and Lady fish are really in big number south in the Harbor around marker #5 these dumb fish are eating all day, and don’t seem to care about sun or heat just eating. trolling would be the way I would find them, use an 08 size X-rap, or the 14 bomber or the 222 maverick. Just get a couple small lures with a lip and start trolling about 3 MPH between Marker #6 and head to marker #5
you will have a great time. I wish I had the devil take the hindmost attidute of the Spanish mackerel, I just goot the personality of a fish, and for the first year, I am not enjoying the heat, Hopefully I will grow out of the as I grow up.
Enjoy your day in the Sun,
Fishin frank

Radio Fishin 8/28/14

Robert and I did a area fishin Report, with Greg & Barb helping out.
And Betty Stalger Our sea Grant agent Also did a show she Has a class to help Cater boat Fishin Captain get a business plan & understand what it takes to be in the business of fishing
#206 area fishin report, Show #207 Is with Betty Staugler

fishin club Spet 2014
This will be part II of Charts, we give you a paper chart and show you the spot of the chart so you can mark them. Important info, BRING a pencil, you are welcome to prick the tip of your finger and mark the chart in blood, however I think a pencil is easier, just not as interesting,
Don’t worry if you missed last month, This is simply marking a chart with good places to catch fish, and we will tell you when & how to fish the spots
Fishin Frank
The meeting are at Luigi’s 6:30pm to 8:pm Both nights are the same so you would come either Tuesday or Wednesday not both nights

what a morning

If you were lucky enough to be up about 6:am this morning, it was a perfect almost fall feeling morning, just cool enough to enjoy Coffee, but not cool enough to have to wear any more clothes than modesty dictates, and the wind which is going to make heading out into the Harbor a dangerous thing, made a wonderful breeze on the porch, So if we get this cool morning to stay, the fishin is going to be unreal, a couple of degrees water temp is the difference between lots of catching fish and lots of fishing.
The Red fish have moved back up along the east side all the way up to mangrove point, not huge numbers but more than enough to have a fun trip 7 dinner.
I am already hearing reports of Sea Trout, not a lot but enough where it is worth while to try a few of your favorite trout spots, most of the Trout have been Keeper Size Slot fish.
Snook are still doing much better at night, day time you can catch some Snook, but you will double or triple your catch after dark.
I hope you were outside this morning, and got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather.
Have fun out there, and stay close today the wind is supposed to be bad today.
Fishin Frank

Fishin Franks key chain

CAM00432[1]here is a new thing we have

Winners of Pick a pin


CAM00434[2]Crystal Correll Has won her choice with a wooden shadow box
and Ron Beck, Debra Williamson, Erica Campbell, James Anderson have won their choice of key chains or Pins,
Thank you for playing I will have more things/ contest coming.
Congrats to the winners.
Fishin Frank & the pirate Crew

I am sending the winners E-mails right now
You have to know your e-mail or show the E-mail I sent you to collect. Congrats again and thanks for playing our game of win the pin
I put the 5 winning numbers back in and drew with just the 5 to get the winner for the shadow box. Crystal

Just checking

Just checking

fishin keepsake tournament


CAM00428[1]There is still entries left in the E-mail, we have 73 E-mail last night and this morning, So if you would like to be entered to win a Pin or Key Chain, the fist person to have their number drawn gets a choice of any unpainted plus a box or one of the pins in a box. The other 4 numbers will get their choice of unpainted,
I will do the drawing as soon as we reach 100 E-mails
5 people will win. E-mail to enter
rules are 1 E-mail per person, you E-mail I draw 5 numbers and that’s it.

Fishin Frank Contest time,

CAM00424[1]Ok the 1st 100 E-mails I get { Subject FF contest }
and the 1st 100 people to sign in, I will Draw 5 numbers for the E-mailers and 5 number from the walk ins, yes you can do both or either, They will win a Fishin Franks Pin or Key Chain, Hand crafted in the U.S. made from Pewter,
So Fishin franks will give away 10 Pin or key chains un-painted
The 1st place 1st picked will get a free hand made wooden keepsake F.F. box for the item you choose,
We will mail the key chains to the E-mail winners.
These are cool I hope you enjoy them, I really enjoyed helping design them, This is my 30th year here at Fishin Franks, I thought this would be a good way to say thanks
Fishin Frank <— Yes this is really me.
Contest starts 8/23/2014 and ends Sept 23
Or when we hit 100 entries in either catagory 1 entry per person in each category

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