Flats Fishing!


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of ending an amazing trip with Tenacity Guide Service with some flats fishing on the way back to dry land. My target species was snook. I love these fish. In any shape or size they are so much fun to catch. Always putting on a show then your hooked!

We started fishing with live greenbacks we gathered along the gulf beaches earlier in the day! This was one of the most active flats I’ve seen. As we pulled up I watched huge redfish run towards the mangroves, southern sting rays scatter. We threw a net of greenbacks in to really get the fish fired up and let them know “heyyyy here’s some food”. As soon as your bait touched the water you were hooked up.

Everyone on the boat was catching. Fish were various sizes, starting Sept 1st you can harvest one snook per person per day. The fish must be 28-33 inches to the tip of the tail. Anglers are also required to have a 10$ snook stamp in addition to your regular Florida fishing license. This can be done at fishin franks!

Snook after snook we had a blast with the live bait but Andrew wanted to know if they would hit artificial. Kicking himself bc he left his spooks at home on the counter he tied on a quick jig with a soft plastic and threw it in. After about 30 seconds he was hooked up. I could of stayed there all afternoon!

Waders are in my immediate future!



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