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Summer Bulls

The water is on fire along our gulf beaches! Last boat I was on read a temp of 94 degrees at 10pm at night! In the heat of summer the fishing slows, but if your an aggressive fishermen and put your time in your bound to come up with something!

Sharks have been in the holes of Charlotte harbor and off shore where food like Bonita are plentiful! Making them few and far between along our local gulf beaches (manasota to sanibel). They guys went out last night in hopes of something toothy! Andrew got lucky and got this bullshark as she was cruising the shoreline for a quick snack! Bullshark ate Bonita and was released after a few pics and NOAA Tag



First impression: Smith Optics ChromaPop lenses


Here is a jack I sight-fished off the seawall at Gilchrist Park recently. A large school of jacks creates a v-shaped wake similar to a school of mullet, but the jacks create more water movement and are easier to spot.

Man on the Pier

One of the products that caught my eye at the ICAST show in Orlando last month were Smith Optics sunglasses with ChromaPop lenses. I checked out a pair at the show, but without really being able to tell much about the lenses inside the Orange County Convention Center I needed to take a closer look out on the water.

Last week I received my Docksides, and so far I’ve been impressed with them. The frames feature a full wrap for complete protection, and the glasses are super lightweight and have a comfortable fit – for the most part. They tend to rest a little heavy on the bridge of my nose. But when it comes to sunglasses, everyone has a different shaped face so one style will fit better on some than others.

I chose the Havana ChromaPop polarized brown lenses since I fish the darker waters of Charlotte Harbor more often the the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve had them out several times sight-fishing mini tarpon on the Harbor, and so far I’m happy with their performance.

And the concept behind the ChromaPop lenses is pretty cool.

The eye perceives colors in waves of blue, red and green, but sometimes gets them mixed up. The ChromaPop polarized lenses are designed to correct this “color confusion.” This technology seems to give everything a brighter, more intensely true color, not to mention superb clarity.

Smith has a long way to go to give Costa Del Mar, king of polarized fishing sunglasses, a run for its money. The company is a relative newcomer to the angling market, but seems headed in the right direction with its products. Smith also has a great lifetime warranty, and will replace both lenses on your frames even if only one of them was damaged.

Smith Optics sunglasses will be available at Fishin’ Franks, so look for the new display case coming soon. The lenses I got are plastic, but Smith also offers glass lenses.

While the Docksides are my first pair of Smith sunglasses, they’re not my first experience with the brand.


While climbing Oregon’s tallest peak, Mt. Hood, in 2011, my Smith goggles came in handy. We awoke to whiteout conditions complete with blowing snow and brisk wind on the second day of the climb. But the goggles allowed me to keep the blowing snow out of my face, didn’t fog up and helped keep me out of harm’s way.

Hot but what the heck

Hot outside but the fish are there, while I did find 2 shows this week wroth watching, So that killed an hour and a half, Lets think out side the door, yes the world of evening , nighttime fishing is right there, places like Tom Admas pier in Englewood, or El-Jo pier, the night fishing has been good . Snappers , Snook which Snook Season is right around the corner this is a good time to get a little reconnaissance, pre-fishin. Find out where they are what the Snook are feeding on, El-Jo is a great place to start.
walking the beaches s also a good bet eraly in the morning from 0-dark:30 until around 10:am plenty of big ole Snooks to play with, and a few Pompano or whiting to keep ys busy as well.
I am still of the mind set where I want to be inside enjoying the modern wonders of A/c by two o’clock in the afternoon and I don’t venture out again until 6:pm or so. OH how I love the wonders of science. Cool air in Florida in August, you can kkep time travel if it means I have to live before A/c
But like us the fish do better when it is a little cooler.
So get out, take a walk casting the beach or a pier, There are stars to watch, breezes to feel, fish to catch.
Fishin Frank

Greater Amber Jack in the Gulf closes

NOAA Fisheries Announces the Closure Date for Gulf of Mexico Greater Amberjack Commercial and Recreational Sectors
The commercial and recreational harvest of greater amberjack in the Gulf of Mexico will be closed at 12:01 a.m. on August 25, 2014, and remain closed until January 1, 2015.
The 2014 landings data indicate the 409,000-pound commercial annual catch target and the 888,839-pound recreational annual catch target will be harvested by August 24, 2014.

Fihsin club meeting Tonight & september

fishin Club last night we were not able to get through the spots we were showing on the maps, so I asked if they wanted to finish the chart marking in spetember and everyone wanted to do that So next month will be phase II of where to fish with the charts. Keep in mind, bring reading glasses if needed and penicls, We will give you the chart to write on, But I never have enough pencils.
To night is a repeat of lasts nights talk you will get a paper chart to mark fishing spots on, we show you who the river flow effects the fishing, how the tides move to effect fishing, and places to catch fish on the different tides, But please bring a pencil 🙂
the meeting starts at 6:30 and runs until 8:pm the food is good the servers are nice, and the information is as good as I can make it. tonight Will be My-self Fishin Frank, Robert and Capt. Cayle Thanks see you tonight at Luigi’s Port Charlotte
open seating on Wednesday first come 1st seated.
You can call for seats at next months Sept 9 th, 941 625 3888 We have made arrangements with Luigi’s for extra nights if needed.

Robert remembers Hurricane Charley


This is a link to a blog about Fishin’ Franks general manager Robert Lugiewicz’s memories from Hurricane Charley. Click the link below to find out what Robert remembers.

Hurricane Charley memories: Stars and a cockroach.

fish club meeting August 2014 where the best Fall fishin spot are

Fishin Club, Meetings this Tuesday & Wednesday . You need to bring PENCILS Capt, Cayle, Robert & Myself are going to give you a paper chart to write on, then we will show you how the tidal flow works for you benefit, and where to fish on in-coming & out going tides, You will be able to mark the chart with the best fall fishin spots. So again bring PENCILS, you cant erase a pen mark.
See ya Tuesday if you reserve a seat call 941 625 3888 for seats,
or come in Wednesday which is open seating.

Frank-A-versary 30 years

Yes I walked in the door of fishin Franks 30 years ago today,
that was when my Father the original Fishin Franks owned it.

There were maybe 24 bags of hooks and I think 6 lures in stock and a big bait tank,
Now-a-days I think there are 6000 choices of lures hundreds of different hooks sizes and models, products, and find room for more stuff.
So next month I have another Anniversary. In September, That is the month I took over as Fishin frank.
Good times and Bad, there were many months of no pay checks, and Hurricane Charley took us out for 5 months but we came back, We were broke into, lost 64K and we are still here,
Now life is good, We have the best customer in the world, yes the nicest people on the planet come through our doors 99.9 % anyway, hay just keepin it real 🙂
I enjoy being Fishin Frank 99% of the time,
I was thinking for my 30th year I could raise all the prices 30% for the month then go on Va-Ca, NO? well it was just a thought, I could use a Va-ca but a stay-ca is good as well.
the only bad thing not a lot of time for Fishin. being Fishin frank no I am not ready to change to book-keepin Frank Yet
Thank you all for your support, and friend-ship, you are what make this the best Job in the world.
and thanks Josh for reminding me abut the Frank-a-versary, I guess I just needed a hug.

Take a kid fishing!

Just a quick note as the weekend approaches that if your able, take a kid fishing! I’m sure as your reading this, you might be thinking back to your first time fishing. Your first catch is a memory that will stay with you forever. Our shorelines are filled with an abundance of sea life. Get out there and throw a line in the water! Especially after the week of gloomy weather we’ve had. Nothing puts a smile on a kids face more than reeling in a big one! Tackle boxes are cooler than xbox’s


This last Saturday

Hundreds of Snook swimming along the shoreline of the beach out on Boca. A couple huge Schools of big Red fish also making their way along the beach, And what appeared to be a School of large Jacks. I think this is due to a couple of things possibly the Massive Red Tide to the north of us, is pushing Fish down our way, or it could be as simple as thee is a ton of bait right along the beaches right now, Lots of green backs. These fish should stay right there along the beaches of Boca , Englewood, until we get a storm or if the Red tide moves our way this would move the fish inside into the fresher waters of the Harbor, the river flowing at 7 foot should keep the Red tide out in the gulf if it comes down here. I wonder how much Phosphate sludge the state dumped in the gulf this time, this is the normal cause of a Red tide of this type. But Red tides lives in Salt water, Fresh water kills it, This is a good thing and the 3 rivers dumping fresh water into the Harbor, which helps keep the Red tide out.
any way the fishing along the beaches is great right now. back to basics Twitch stiks, Buck tail jigs, or take a cast net and catch the bait there.

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