7 Year Old & a Lemon Shark

Aiden my son and our junior angler, had yet to catch a shark over 4 feet.  We had talked about heading over to find him some Atlantic sharp-nose or some smaller black tips.  The water is very HOT and I was wondering if we were going to be successful, especially since we were kind of on a time crunch today!  We netted some fresh bait and set up three shark rods around the boat.   Now its a waiting game.  We amused ourselves while waiting by getting Aiden to bite a head off a fish for good luck, well I guess it worked!  The rod in the back starts screaming, I pick it up and set hook to notice well this is slightly larger than a blacktip!  Aiden handled it like a pro!  Fighting his first big shark with the best crew around!  After about a 15 min fight Aiden lands a 6 foot lemon shark, pretty impressive for a 7 year old!

aiden frank

The look on his face when he saw the size of his shark was great!  Lemon shark was tagged for NOAA Cooperative Shark Tagging Program and released after a few quick pictures.  Such a fun day on the water with great friends!  All these fish by 2pm, home in time for dinner with a great fish story to tell.  Special thanks to Captain Bo Johnson & Tenacity guide service for making Aiden’s day!

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