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Flats fun!

Recently spent the afternoon on the water with Captain Matt Haag We had a beautiful afternoon on the flats and testing out the new Salt Life Optics (available at fishin franks) It was difficult to pry me away from my regular Costa’s until I saw the difference! I could really see deep into the water giving us an advantage on the fish!
Aiden was the first to hook up on a snook. Love his face when his Rod starts to bend. Matt even showed him how to release him properly, Aiden liked the how the snook held on to his thumb before swimming away. We were using live bait, greenbacks and pinfish were key today in getting the fish to eat! Lots of catching & smiles. Check out Salt Life Optics next time your in fishin franks!

Bonnet Sharks catching made easy

Bonnet Sharks, to catch one follow these easy steps, cast out a shrimp, then get involved in watching your wife’s bait fish swim towards the mangroves, Then and this is critical, put the Rod in one of the holders on the back of the boat, So you can forget all about it. Now start the trolling motor and follow the bait fish on her line down the mangrove shore, Again important, back up the boat and get ready to leave, Now look and your rod is bending. Oh it is just snagged in a tree, get the line out of the tree, then find it tangled in the prop, Remove the line from around the prop, reel in slack line, fight shark to boat. Simple easy to do and works like a charm. One last step to make it perfect. for get to take picture

Storm twitch, Maybe best lure ever?

CAM00484[1]Why would you go fishin with-out a Storm twitch, I had almost forgot how good it is, Well you don’t fish for a while and Yes you know in your head it works, then you go fishing catch anything you throw it at. lose it and finally spend the rest of the day frustrated and just use shrimp It even caught bait! These pin fish were attacking it.
I have some other fish pics, but I thought this was just a little weird, I expected Snook Trout or Fish but did not think it would also catch my bait with it.

Blacktip sharks are here for fall

Jonathan was visiting from the UK. We knew his father from some previous fishing outings. We have been anticipating his arrival and hopefully able to put him on a toothy critter!

Bait of choice has been either jacks or mullet. Easily found at the moment and what the sharks are chowing down on! Stingrays are also a great option. We had all three options out, let’s see what they are eating today.

After a few days of slow fishing and failed attempts we had one last shot! Early morning trip but it sure paid off!! Jonathan caught his blacktip shark using an Penn 80w and Jack as bait!

After he posed for a few photos we showed him how to measure and put a NOAA tag in place. The fishing gods made him earn it but I think Jonathan will remember his florida vacation for quite some time! Hopefully this will be one of many catches to come.

Blacktips and spinner sharks look very similar. They both jump and are usually around the same size and weight. The best way to tell the difference is to look at the sharks anal fin. If it has a black tip it’s a spinner. If not its a black tip. Way to confuse everyone with those names scientists!

Image below of the similarities and differences in the two species. Top shark is a spinner, bottom a black tip.


Snook fishing up-date 10/25/2014

Snook, we all, well most of us any way are looking for a Snook dinner, And I have been hearing of the Snook hanging out under the West Spring lake bridge, Paddle tail jigs are working well to fool that Snook into biting, And of all of the colors Baby Bass or white & Green is the color right now, Park and walk under the bridge, cast along the pilings make your lure pass as close to the pilings as possible, When you cast watch for the lure to hit the water and then count to 5 before reeling in, It is important to get the lure down, & while reeling keep your rod tip low to the water for a little more depth with the lure. Good luck, oh and last thought the less car traffic the better the fishin will be under the bridge.

Fishing up-date 10/24/2014

The new fishing report is up. The place by place main report
and the Radio Fishin area fishing report, The Tarpon Maps have been up-dated
Good luck have fun

fishin up-date 10/22/14

It is kind of strange there are so many Jacks around the Harbor and canals,
And picky to boot, but a safe bet to hook up one of these feisty fighters is the storm Twitch/ ghost. My second choice would be an X-rap 08 OG which ever one you choose keep it moving, jacks like fast moving baits, quick & stop,

Fishin news up-date 10/19/14

dot-d-dot-dash-d-dash hot off the wire, Sea Trout have and are being caught on the sand-bar in front of pirate Harbor, New FLASH you will have to catch 75 Trout before you will find your limit of keepers but you will. Purple-Jerk bait with weed-less belly weight hook,, Twitch right across the top of the grass. We now resume your regular cat videos.

Redfish on the flats

Yesterday we had a great day on the water. We started our day loading up the live well with shrimp & pinfish. Andrew and myself have issues with redfish. For some reason they avoid us like we have Ebola. What? Too soon?

Cameron was determined to get us on a school he found earlier in the week in Charlotte harbor. The schools seem to be very broken up in this area as of yesterday. We were seeing a lot of reds, most of which were very spooky and did not want to eat anything we put in front of them.

Andrew decided to try a piece of cut up pinfish as everything else so far has failed us. Well it sure did the trick. As soon as his bait hit the water he was hooked up. First redfish of the fall season! As we were dehooking Andrew’s fish Cameron was rewarded for his guide skills and also caught a nice redfish!


These fish had beautiful tails today! We also caught a handful of juvy snook. A great day on the water with fishy friends, can’t ask for much more! Tight lines & happy weekend everyone, can’t wait to see your catches of Fishin Franks Facebook page!

Fishin report 10/18/19

Ayy there be fish in dem waters, as in Reds on the bar just north of Pirate Harbor, and Pompano out in front of Bull bay. Spade fish have moved onto the Cape haze reef as well, Short Cobia are fairly steady at the Alligator reef
And by the by do you know anyone who used to play drums who would like to get back into it, with 3 other old guys for 1 night a week, bring own sticks, kit not needed. old music,

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