Blacktip sharks are here for fall

Jonathan was visiting from the UK. We knew his father from some previous fishing outings. We have been anticipating his arrival and hopefully able to put him on a toothy critter!

Bait of choice has been either jacks or mullet. Easily found at the moment and what the sharks are chowing down on! Stingrays are also a great option. We had all three options out, let’s see what they are eating today.

After a few days of slow fishing and failed attempts we had one last shot! Early morning trip but it sure paid off!! Jonathan caught his blacktip shark using an Penn 80w and Jack as bait!

After he posed for a few photos we showed him how to measure and put a NOAA tag in place. The fishing gods made him earn it but I think Jonathan will remember his florida vacation for quite some time! Hopefully this will be one of many catches to come.

Blacktips and spinner sharks look very similar. They both jump and are usually around the same size and weight. The best way to tell the difference is to look at the sharks anal fin. If it has a black tip it’s a spinner. If not its a black tip. Way to confuse everyone with those names scientists!

Image below of the similarities and differences in the two species. Top shark is a spinner, bottom a black tip.


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