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Fishing Report up-dated 10/17/14

New place by place report, New Radio fishing area fishing report, #209 and The new Tarpon map is up
So ready, steady, Go Fishin
All new 10/17/2014

Penn The best Tackle company !

Penn, I have dealt with lots & lots of companies over the last 30 years. Never one like Penn, Yes I promote Penn, and yes I believe in the company, and funny thing is like me they believe in you the people, who pay for their products, I am again Shocked/stunned by their efforts to make their product better and become more a part of this community and I am very Happy to have Penn part of my life & my business.
To the people Works, Office warehouse, sale staff, management Thank you for everything, Fishin Frank
I cant really explain, But trust me, Wow what a company. PENN

Dock Pets

When you come into the boat ramp and forget to empty the live well before hand, you feed the dock pets.  These are fish who hang around the cleaning table and love to steal whatever they can get!  I like the sound they make as they eat.  Here’s a short underwater clip.  Look closely for giant snook.  Note fishing is not allowed at this location, only feeding.

Tom’s Goliath!

Tom has been wanting to get a big fish every since he purchased his boat!  We took him out to a spot where we knew he would feel some serious pull on his Penn 80w!   It was a beautiful day and conditions and currents were in our favor.  Andrew carefully maneuvered us next to the structure where these massive goliath grouper like to hang out!  As Tom held on to his reel I tossed his bait against the side of the pilings.   It took a few passes, getting adjusted to the current flow and weight of the bait.

We started to get bites right away, one of them stealing our bait before tom was hooked up!  Its a fun feeling on the boat to feel the grab your bait the first initial bump is the best!  After a short fight Tom and the 80w whooped this fish’s butt!  A few snapshots and she was de-hooked,  back on her way down to be caught another day!  So much fun catching these from the boat, I cant decide which is more fun, boat or beach?!  Great catch Tom and fun day on the water!

Tom Rod bend

Tom Goliath

October ‘Blood moon’ takes on new meaning


Photo via Wikipedia

Man on the Pier

The bite last night was intense. Too bad it wasn’t the snook.

The real reason behind the October full moon being named the “blood moon” has nothing to do with the red color it was supposed to have taken on.

It’s because of the swarms of blood-thirsty mosquitoes patrolling the area’s old train trestles, which were converted into fishing piers. I knew it was going to be a rough night when, on the walk out to the Placida pier, I looked down and saw three mosquitoes chowing down on my hand. And those were just the ones I could see. Every few seconds I felt the telltale sting, constantly swatting at them, shaking my head and walking as fast as I could.

The assault was constant along the tree-lined path that leads to the pier, and it didn’t get much better out in the open. There wasn’t much of a breeze either, which sometimes deters the skeeters.

Dressed in my long sleeve Fishin’ Franks performance shirt, lightweight nylon pants, shoes and wearing a hat and a buff, I figured I would’ve been OK.

Not so much.

So I coated myself in Deep Woods Off!, but that didn’t seem to suppress the will of the persistent parasites. The constant bite of mosquitoes combined with the absent snook bite was enough to push me off the pier well before I had planned on leaving.

I have a feeling all the rain we’ve had recently is a big reason we’re seeing so many mosquitoes. Couple that with the temperatures staying on the mild to hot side and I don’t see the skeeters going away in the near future.

Plan accordingly if you’re heading out to Placida or El Jobean, especially, but really any of the area piers at night. Or else you might get eaten alive.

As for the blood moon itself, I didn’t think it looked that bloody. When I finally got a decent glimpse of it at 5:30 a.m. – there was a lot of cloud cover last night – it appeared more of a dark yellow color. The lunar eclipse had just started, covering about an eighth of the moon. Maybe I should have stayed up for the full eclipse. Oh well, maybe next time. We’ve got another blood moon coming on April 4, 2015, so mark your calendars.

Until next time, hook ’em up and fight ’em hard. Fish on, fellow anglers.

fishin cluub tonight at Luigi’s 10/08/14

tonight at lugig’s Fishin club meeting is about Red fish. and starts at 6:30 open seating 1st come 1sst get a seat room holds 50 people,
Free if you get a seat and you may order from the menu during the talk, Dinner & a Show the wife says
Fishin Frank, Robert, & Capt. Cayle tonight

fishin up-date 10/08/14

was talking about Spanish mackerel and forgot to mention the tides, this is critical need to know information ! if there is a long incoming-tide. the mackerel will be right at the surface. However if it is an out going tide the inly salt there will be is right near the bottom, salt is heavier than water so there is a higher level of salt near the bottom, The mackerel are still there on the out going tide they are just hugging the bottom. so shallow fishing during the in coming No weights/sinkers use bobbers or poppin corks , out going tide use deep diving lures or sinkers to get deep
Have fun
Fishin Frank

Don’t let the weather get you down!

The fish are already wet! They don’t mind this gloomy rainy weather at all. The cool front seemed to make everything a bit sluggish. Thankfully I am nice and warm in my new fishin franks hoodie! I’ve been doing some exploring this afternoon. Checking out some fresh water locations and I’m still finding snook. This guy ate a live shiner.


Oh wait. Let me tell you about these shiners. I bought them Sunday morning and they have been living in my garage in a blue bucket with a bubbler for the last few days. I’m amazed at their longevity and will be stocking shiners in the garage for whenever the fishing mood strikes ha! Awesome when you really get your money out of bait.

fishin report Octmeber 7th 2014

Spanish Mackerel along the beaches for you beach walkers, cast a spoon from land is a good idea, But and there is always a but. the best lure is a Got-Cha when casting for mackerel from the beach. You can just reel it or you can may jig it.
it is heavy weight wise but small in actual size. Silver and red or Silver and any other color. Have fun Fishin Frank and almost all of the shore line on the gulf has schools of Spanish cruising by so weather it is Sanible or Nokomis or any where in between, You should do well.

No meeting tonight Tuesday 10/17/14

To nights meeting at Luigi’s has been cancelled, due to my health and a problem getting the room, first time we ever had to cancel, So 1 out of 64 anit too bad. We are sorry for the cancelling and hope to make up for it. I believe everyone has been called so they know there is no meeting tonight.
Fishin franks
Wednesday Tomorrow night, will be open seating and it is going to go on as planned.
Fishin Frank

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