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A test of strength

Tom’s friend Andrew was in town on a fishing vacation.  His first stop was Miami area for peacock bass and snake heads.  His last stop was our Gulf coast for a little pull of a Goliath grouper.  Guys day out on the boat, both Andrew’s and Tom headed out in search of a local moster grouper, the conditions were perfect.  They brought along some frozen mullet for bait but soon learned these grouper were going to be picky today.  A few tries with the mullet on the knocker rig and no luck.  Not a nibble.  Then they started to notice some large jacks schooling around the area and caught a couple on swim bait’s.   These are fun to catch and drag screamers at this size!  They make nice goliath and shark bait as well.  Since the mullet werent working the guys gave the jacks a try!

boca grande jack

That sure did the trick!  Andrew hooked one on the line and sent it down next to the piling where the grouper like to hang out.  It wasnt down on the bottom for 3 mins before he was hooked up!  Andrew was in for the workout of a life time, these fish are pretty strong and know how to take you into structure to cut your line.  After a fight on the 80w reel Andrew landed his first goliath grouper!  Check out the video below of his adventure, watch in HD for best quality.

The fishing cool

Here is the cool, I just received in the mail a new prototype reel from PENN, I don’t think I am allowed to talk about what it is yet, No I know very little about it, I will be testing it to see how it holds up, But just getting it out of the box, I am impressed
If this holds up like it appears to PENN will have another winner,
I will ask how much I am allowed to say, But great size feels good, and not like any other reel they have, I really think it will be as good as it feels,
I will let you know more as I can. Fishin Frank
IF it works out I think it will be available by July or August . Enough time for me to punish this one.

Fishin up-date 11/29/14

11 29 14 dJust a thought, if you want to get out, where there is wind, there is a place to hide and go fishing

Happy Thanks giving

Hope everyone has a good meal, friends, Fish, and Family to enjoy your Holiday,
or just a quiet day hiding from the real world, However you Spend today, Our best to you.
The Pirate Crew & me.

Fishing Up-date & Happy Thanks Giving

Happy thanks Giving Every one, Sevearl People are saying thanks for the Snook Fishing over the last few nights, Just when you think you know the rules about Fishing, like right after a front the bite should shut off for a while, and this front was a good one, I would have thought the fishing would be slow for at least 2 days, We it was slow for about 5 hours then dark came and the Snook bite was back on.
The canals are full of Snook and they are biting, For on the lights Pink Rock port head with a Crème tail White or Chartruse, 20 pound floro leader,
I hope you enjoy the day with your family, but a little exercise would be good after a big meal So walk the piers with your rod and catch a few Snook, The will help your heart rate, and you can say Honey I am doing this for my health
Happy Thanks Giving
Fishin Frank

Spill way snook!

Cold and blustery conditions is effecting getting out on the water.  Luckily we live in florida and it usually passes with in a few days.   Snook are starting to be pretty heavy around our local spillways, the cold fronts have triggered them to moved up the river and into canals.   I stopped yesterday on my way home and caught a few on one of my favorite fresh water lures.   Only a few more days until the GULF snook season is closed until spring time.

Spillway snook

snook on rapala


fishin up-date 11/25/14

What to do ? Well hide from the wind and rain, for starters, Not much about the rain, But there is some good fishin out of the wind,  if you have a Small boat or Kayak
Allapatchee Shores Park which is in Punta Gorda,  this will take you to a page about it on  The AllaPatchee ramp is good for most boats un 20 foot with a shallow draft { Flats boats} to be effective here an electric trolling motor is key, Put in and start working down stream towards the trestle  here is the link
There is Snook, and Small Tarpon, the DOA Terror eys are good here, but the small ones for Tarpon and the larger ones for Snook, Another good lures Rat-L-traps and Spoons, This is a nice get away places, has some very shallow spots, but fun to explore, This is a Slat water fishing area, That said I have caught a few Bass which have come down over the dam above this on Taylor Rd. So be ready for almost anything.
I hope you enjoy this spot, If you are a live bait person Shrimp will work fine here, Now Fresh water Shiners are great bait for the Snook here, But Florida being the way it is, to use Fresh water Shinners here you might want to have a fresh water lic, I know it is Salt water, But it is part of the intentional zones, Why I don’t know, I just the messenger, not the Law maker or enforcer. A way to use them and be ok is if checked they say what are you doing Say Snook Fishing, do not say “Fishing” as there is Bass in the area which would require you to have both Salt & Fresh lic, So just say Snook Fishin and be safe.
Good luck and if this confuses you, Welcome to Florida

Fishin Frank


Fishin Up-date 11/24/14

Well the weather is not what it was advertised as, So I think the chasing kings is not going to happen for a while, But There is a lot of Sheephead, in Aligator creek & at El-jo, while fishing at El-Jo you should be able to get your keeper Snook, for the Sheep head shrimp, is the bait of choice right now choice or select sized, Yes I know that is weird but many of these Sheep head are big close to the 20 inch mark, So the larger shrimp for the larger fish, Snook is better on lures like the Storm 4 inch Shad, walkin it is better than casting it. On the flats it is again a shrimp bite right now. From Snook to Sheep head or Trout, Trout seem be be loking for the Float rigs, for fake bait a DOA deadly combo is the ticket. Good Luck catch you again
Fishin Frank

Fishin Up-date 11/23/14



It is looking pretty good for Monday, I would not go far until we find out if they lied,
But Trout Fishin in the Harbor is very good right now and lots of Reds on both east and west sides.
This might be your window to play with some King Mackerel, They have been from 3 miles & out.

Black Friday at Fishin Franks

Sorry I tried that, and it worked we sold a lot of stuff, However I am not going to let my greed over ride my good sense, every day people tell me I have a great crew, and the people behind the counter are helpful & friendly. It was just a lot to ask, to have every one come in and put in a long day right after thanks giving, They should be spending quality time with family, Not worrying over work
Thanks Giving Hours 6:am to 5:pm

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