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Fishin Up-date 12/27/14

Trout and Red fish are the main story still right now, and it is a poppin cork thing to catch them, The flats in Gasprilla sound or Turtle bay or both the east or west sides of the Habbor, this is holding to be the thing to do.
Put a poppin cork, I like the DOA oval, and cast it up current, and then let it drift above and through the pot holes this should get a red fish or two, if not do not, reel-in right away, start poppin the cork and work it back to you and you should get your Trout,
Shrimp is the bait of choice right now with the cooler water, if the water warms up a few degrees it will be back to white bait, but for now Shrimp is the key, bait


Merry Christmas

UntitledHere’s Fishin You a Merry Christmas

Fishin Up-date 12/23/14

Head line Cobia, Cobia have been caught and many more seen over the last couple days. From Burnt Store to two Pines, and Along the outside of the bars at Bokeelia , Shrimp, white bait , thread-fins Frozen Sardines all good bait, But as for a lure, Culprit 7 inch ribbon tail green worm, with a 3/0 short shank hook, no weights, some thing about that bright green worm.
and not hooking them weed-less as you would for bass, put the short shank hook into the 3rd ring and then slow twitch it near the surface.
Merry Christmas
Just had these reports come in, and wanted to share, more short Cobia, than there is keeper size but still just a ball, and there is quite a few, hope this is the beginning of another banner year on Cobia catching
Fishin Frank

fihsin up-date and Mery Christmas EvE

Ho ho ho,

here come sheep head, here come sheep head, right under the pier, he’s got a mouthful of big ole teeth, to steal your bait again,

fiddler crabs and pieces of shrimp will make him bite your line.

He so tasty and full of fight oh what a beautiful fish,

so hook your bait and cast your line cause sheep head bites tonight

Sorry it just happened, Christmas sprit & all

Merry Christmas
Fishin Frank

Grouper up-dates

NEW: The FWC Commission approved changing the Gulf red grouper daily bag limit from 4-fish to 2-fish within the 4-grouper aggregate bag limit at the November 2014 meeting. Similar pending regulations are expected to take place in Gulf federal waters in Spring 2015.
Until that time, the red grouper bag limit in state waters of the Gulf of Mexico will remain at 4-fish per person per day. Additionally, when red grouper reopens in Gulf federal waters on Jan. 1, the bag limit will be 4-fish per person per day until the 2-fish bag limit rule becomes effective.
NEW: At their June meeting, the FWC approved the creation of the Gulf Reef Fish Data Reporting System, a mandatory requirement for private recreational anglers fishing from a boat to harvest, attempt to harvest, or possess red snapper, gag, greater amberjack, lesser amberjack, banded rudderfish, almaco jack, red grouper, black grouper, vermilion snapper, or gray triggerfish in the Gulf of Mexico, excluding Monroe County. This requirement becomes mandatory April 1, 2015.

Fishin up -date 12/19/14

The big news and most rod bending fish, Is the Spotted Sea Trout, There are thousands or millions of the slippery Spotted fish here along the Gulf coast.
They will hit a shrimp under a float, or a top water lure, or any lure for that matter, great time to teach some one, how to use lures to catch fish, from jigs to top waters.
If you have a boat head just north of Pirate Harbor, and drift the flats dragging a popping cork as you go with a shrimp 2 feet below the float or I will use a weight to slow my drift and cast a top water lure like e heddon torpedo ahead of the drifting boat, an old mushroom anchor is good for a slow drift but a regular anchor has too much stopping power and will just stick you in place. Good luck and I will catch you again later
Fishin Frank

Fishin how to 12/06/14

d c oTo answer a few questions this is the D.O.A. deadly combo, In my humble opion the best way to catch a lot of Fish on the flats right now, Spotted Trout, Lady fish, even Reds,
To use cast it out and then tighten up your line when you are tight to the float, get your rod tip close to the water and give it a hard sharp jerk, This will make the weight hit the bottom of the float, the float will splash, the shrimp below it will jump as escaping a predator, and the Fish will bite.
Open flats such as Turtle bay, or the flats just north of Pirate Harbor are your best bet, run the boat up into the wind and then drift, as always leave your out board in it’s lowest postion so if it hit bottom you are not stuck just rasise the motor and back into the deep again, Cast out 50 or so feet from the boat, if you can not cast that far, just cast out and do not close the bail keep feeding line out, until the float is far enough away, then pop it every 30 second or so, and have fun catching fish.
Catch you again later
Fishin Frank

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