Fishin Up date 10/05/14

Sea Trout has to be the story today, there are plenty f them out there and DOA has the two best lures #2 the deadly combo a poppin cork rig with a DOA shrimp pre-attached and cast it out and keeping your rod tip low to the water jerk it hard to pop the cork, This makes the sound of a fish feeding and also jerks the Shrimp lure making it appear to have been escaping from a predator, all good.
The #1 lure is the tandem rig, often you will catch 2 fish at once, In the package you will see two jigs this is not 2 lures they are a tandem and you throw both at the same time, The Trout really seem to like the lure as it looks like 2 baits, this is a little different retrieve, cast it out then with at medium speed start reeling and move your rod tip up and down with a jigging motion, for best results this tandem lure need to “HOP” So if you are right handed keep the rod to the right side of your head , Left handed left side, with your rod tip up.
And when you get the first fish on, be ready for the 2nd one to hit.
Good Luck catch ya again later
Fishin Frank

About Fishin Franks

I have been in the fishing business since 1984, and enjoy mu customers. we here at Fishin Franks bait and tackle are pretty good with our customers 95% of the time, 3% not so good and 2% we fail miserably. But all in all we hope you give us a try. and that day we don't fail at being who you hope we are. Fishin Frank

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