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These Girls Can FISH!

Raygin made the long drive from Ohio to visit friends and I’m so thrilled her friend Whitney stopped by for a fun day on the water.  We planned to go out for goliath grouper and shark. You might remember Raygin from a previous sharky post about a year ago if you follow our blog!  Every year Raygin is here more and more.  Eventually I’ll convince her to just stay forever.
We started the day out looking for some big sharks. This time of year they are pretty scattered and loving near shore wrecks for an easy meal.   After awhile Aiden started fishing with some shrimp on the bottom to pass time. He was quickly hooked up on a few sharks of his own. Kids love these on light tackle. Thx Raygin for the great pics!
After the bigger sharks didn’t want to cooperate we headed over to see if the goliath grouper would play tug of war.  I’m not sure if it was all the snapper they stole earlier in the day or they just wanted to test my patience but the bite was slow!
Finally after a few snags and stolen baits Raygin was hooked up! She did great getting this powerful fish out of the structure near by.  Mid fight the rod broke, she held on as Andrew hand lined. This goliath decided to make a quick release shortly after being brought to the surface.
What an adventure! Broken gear, big fish and a lot of fun. Near the end of the day we even got a visit from the local dolphin we call “friend”.   Becareful not to pet or feed her, she is known to bite, and its illegal to do either.  Always a beautiful day on the water giving your boat a show better than any seaworld or aquarium!

Reds & Trout on the Flats

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We went exploring on our local flats.  Picked up Barry on the way out, had to have him check out our new saltlife optics and catch a few fish before returning to school up north. We stopped along a flat that looked promising with bait in the area.   The east wall is a great place to hang out and put a line in the water during the less than favorable winter months.  Fish are plentiful too.  Snook, sheepshead, redfish & trout are all swimming along hoping for a meal.  Barry was the first to hook up a nice sized trout on a soft plastic, we threw him in the live well hoping to collect a few more for barry to enjoy for dinner.   The lady fish were also plentiful where we were sitting.  Catching them on gold spoons every other cast.  Fun to catch and great cut bait!

Sea Trout

 Gorgeous day, breezy but sunny skys and beautiful scenery.  We used our trolling motor to move and explore around the flat a bit, until we found our next spot to set a few rods out.  Tons of horse shoe crabs and sting rays moving about.  We also saw a few VERY large snook swim by.   Bait of the day was cut ladyfish, we also had some live and frozen shrimp that have been very popular among the winter fish lately.  Barry didnt wait very long until he was tight again.  First redfish to the boat, caught on live shrimp and jig head.   We hit a few docks on the way in and Barry was able to fill his quota for trout dinner with a bonus sheepshead.  Great day on the water with friends. Sunglasses by Salt Life Optics. Reels line & tackle available at Fishin Franks!


Weather coming to work

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This was my drive in this morning
front coming and hitting as I reached the bait shop

Tackle Show march 14th 2015

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These are some of the people who will be theremark doa 002

fihsin where to ??? 1/23/15
windy windy windy for the next few days. good time to check out the shell creek dam, or maybe the water treatment plant up,
Another good bet with west winds 15 to 30 mph would be putting in at El-jo and fishing the west side of the river.

charlotte County Boat show seminars

CAM00717 CAM00718 CAM00719 CAM00722 CAM00723 CAM00725 CAM00730This week at the boat show we have been having a great time talkin fishin with everyone

Charlotte County Boat Show

Seminars all packed yesterday, Lots of fun and interesting People, There are a few cool new boats at the show, looked at the new 25’+ Epic that is cool, the are some new models from several companies, interesting stuff, Wish I had more money but then I would have to buy a storage lot. to keep all of the boats smile emoticon
any way The Charlotte County Boat show is going on thru Sunday, we have talks / fishing seminars going on 10:30, 11;30. 12 :30. 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 today
So many fish, So many ways to fish, So little time.
See ya at The Boat Show.

Fishin Up-date 01/13/14

Great to have a busy store, but hard to do fishin reports, when you are waiting on customers, and up grading the web site with new maps and other cool stuff, But here I go again
Pompano are moving into the Harbor in number which make targeting them a good bet. if you are here in Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda, your best bet is the Mayaka River, head up into the river and on your left side in front of hog island find about 4 feet of water and get your boat on plane, then back off on the throttle until you are as slow as you can, but yet still on plane. then drive across the flats until you see the Pompano skip out of the water. This really takes two people, One to drive the boat and one to watch behind the boat. The Pompano will skip out of the water as the boat passes over them. So you need to watch behind the boat. this is not good for the guy driving, too easy to run aground or even hit something, So as I said two people.
Once you see hem skip out turn towards open water stop the boat and idle in or better yet, use your Electric motor to go back and cast for them. a line out with a piece of Shrimp meat under a float is a good bet, then have a rod with a Banana/crazy/silly jig to cast and cover more ground. with Pompano, I feel for bumps on the lure, the fish short striking the lure. will feel like the jig bumped into something. then cast the float line thee and you will hook-up. #4 hook with a piece of peeled Shrimp meat is the best bet, or a Small live shrimp. these fish have small mouths so big shrimp will get bitten, but the fish will not hook-up.
Good luck out there. Fishin Frank

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