Fishin Up-date 01/13/14

Great to have a busy store, but hard to do fishin reports, when you are waiting on customers, and up grading the web site with new maps and other cool stuff, But here I go again
Pompano are moving into the Harbor in number which make targeting them a good bet. if you are here in Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda, your best bet is the Mayaka River, head up into the river and on your left side in front of hog island find about 4 feet of water and get your boat on plane, then back off on the throttle until you are as slow as you can, but yet still on plane. then drive across the flats until you see the Pompano skip out of the water. This really takes two people, One to drive the boat and one to watch behind the boat. The Pompano will skip out of the water as the boat passes over them. So you need to watch behind the boat. this is not good for the guy driving, too easy to run aground or even hit something, So as I said two people.
Once you see hem skip out turn towards open water stop the boat and idle in or better yet, use your Electric motor to go back and cast for them. a line out with a piece of Shrimp meat under a float is a good bet, then have a rod with a Banana/crazy/silly jig to cast and cover more ground. with Pompano, I feel for bumps on the lure, the fish short striking the lure. will feel like the jig bumped into something. then cast the float line thee and you will hook-up. #4 hook with a piece of peeled Shrimp meat is the best bet, or a Small live shrimp. these fish have small mouths so big shrimp will get bitten, but the fish will not hook-up.
Good luck out there. Fishin Frank

About Fishin Franks

I have been in the fishing business since 1984, and enjoy mu customers. we here at Fishin Franks bait and tackle are pretty good with our customers 95% of the time, 3% not so good and 2% we fail miserably. But all in all we hope you give us a try. and that day we don't fail at being who you hope we are. Fishin Frank

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