Reds & Trout on the Flats

Epic 22sc

We went exploring on our local flats.  Picked up Barry on the way out, had to have him check out our new saltlife optics and catch a few fish before returning to school up north. We stopped along a flat that looked promising with bait in the area.   The east wall is a great place to hang out and put a line in the water during the less than favorable winter months.  Fish are plentiful too.  Snook, sheepshead, redfish & trout are all swimming along hoping for a meal.  Barry was the first to hook up a nice sized trout on a soft plastic, we threw him in the live well hoping to collect a few more for barry to enjoy for dinner.   The lady fish were also plentiful where we were sitting.  Catching them on gold spoons every other cast.  Fun to catch and great cut bait!

Sea Trout

 Gorgeous day, breezy but sunny skys and beautiful scenery.  We used our trolling motor to move and explore around the flat a bit, until we found our next spot to set a few rods out.  Tons of horse shoe crabs and sting rays moving about.  We also saw a few VERY large snook swim by.   Bait of the day was cut ladyfish, we also had some live and frozen shrimp that have been very popular among the winter fish lately.  Barry didnt wait very long until he was tight again.  First redfish to the boat, caught on live shrimp and jig head.   We hit a few docks on the way in and Barry was able to fill his quota for trout dinner with a bonus sheepshead.  Great day on the water with friends. Sunglasses by Salt Life Optics. Reels line & tackle available at Fishin Franks!


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