Fishing up-date 02/21/2015

Hi fisher type peoples. Here is the how to on Red fish
it would seem if you are on the east side or Turtle bay/ bull bay
It is all about pin fish, with a twist sort of, Not live Pin fish really . there is more to it. If you are out early in the day, You want to use cut bait, put more simply, cut the Pin fish into chunks and toss it out with a hook and a split shot #2 size and just let it sit. Once the Sun gets up after about 10:30 now you should switch to Live Pin fish. first change to a Rock port rattler jig head, and then remove the fan part of the tail from the Pin Fish. This will make the pin fish try to swim away with the Jig head but with no tail it just makes a lot of noise. and the Pin fish trying to swim away makes the rattle in the jig head sound off. For best effect use the Red fish Sunday method, where you put the hook through the back of the fish just below the dorsal fin.
This seems to work the best.  Let the Bait sit for 20 to 30 seconds then lift the tip of your rod sharply up and then down and tighten the slack in the line. Repeat.

Now if you are going to start your day on the western shore line, the sun comes up in the east and starts warming that shore up first, I would use a shrimp with a #7 split shot and about a 2/0 hook cast it right into the mouth of a creek trying to get as close under the mangrove branches as possible or right at the drip line of the trees, the Reds have been laying right there and will eat a Shrimp in a heart beat, If a heart beat is really slow and takes a while. Yes this cooler / cold water has slowed everything to a crawl, I would not “Move the shrimp I would however just slide it about 4 to 6 inches every 2 minutes or so.

Good luck

Fishi Frank


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I have been in the fishing business since 1984, and enjoy mu customers. we here at Fishin Franks bait and tackle are pretty good with our customers 95% of the time, 3% not so good and 2% we fail miserably. But all in all we hope you give us a try. and that day we don't fail at being who you hope we are. Fishin Frank

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