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Fishing License in Florida 2015

Do you need a license?
if you are from out-of-state, you need a license to look at the water, well almost. There is no place you may fish in Florida with having a license. Which can be bought by you or if you go on fishing charters or certain piers, the People who own the boat or Pier may buy a license to cover you. another thing if you are under 16 years old you do not need a license.
Even if you own a home in Florida,
that does not count. Homes, boats, and things are just toys, things you own, they are not you.
Where your driver’s license is from, is the state you are a resident of.

Florida residents are also required to have a license any where and every where they fish. There are exceptions and if you are fishing from land, pier, bridge, ect. there is no charge for the License, Resident only. not available for out-of-state.

I am just fishing from my back yard, ok it is still against the law to do that without a license. P.S. chances of getting caught fishing in your back yard slim to none.

I am going to fish a private pond in my housing development, so I don’t need a license. Wrong that pond is not private. You may fish in your swimming pool with-out a license as you and only you own the land all around the pool which means you won the water in it. The Pond in you development has dozens of owners and is community property. So it is not private, So you need to buy a license. Chances of getting caught while fishing the pond 50/50
the State often goes into housing developments to check licenses.

I am fishing the Peace River what License do I need? here there is a problem. The state only thinks in terms of fresh or Salt, brackish is by law Slat water. So how do you know what to get? Many river are what is called intentional zones, which means if you are fishing with worms, you must have a fresh water lic. if you are fishing with shrimp you need a slat water lic. Lets say you are fishing with shrimp and catch a Bass, you let it go. no big deal, if you catch a 2nd Bass in that spot, You have to have a freshwater license or leave the spot as now you are intentionally fishing for a fresh water fish.
OK it is just plain weird. Welcome to Florida.

These are questions, I get asked every day, there are a few exceptions to some of the rules, but I don’t feel like typing it all out, that would take hours,
this is a general guide line, I hope it answers some of your questions

Fishin Frank

chilly morning

Woke up at 4:45 this am, and it is a bit chilly, started a fire and sat in front of the fire-place with a Coffee & Smoke until the chill left the old bones. It was a great way to start the day, and I assume that was the last fire of the season. The warm weather will be steady from now on, and With the warmth come Tarpon season. Yes the silver Kings or woppin big Lady fish what ever name you have for them. are already here in enough numbers to go out and target Tarpon for a fishin trip and have a good chance of success. For A fish which is a giant garbage disposal, can be so finicky when it comes to a lure.
The D.O.A. bait buster is the old stand-by. each year one lure or another tries to take its place and each year they fail.
As far as live bait the thread fins 5 inch or larger seem to be the best bet for Tarpon, with Crabs a close 2nd. as far as fisherman’s choice. I would add that more Tarpon are caught with a chunk of dead lady fish or cat-fish even chunks of mullet than on almost any other baits. That does not give the Silver King myth a very prestigious appetite. So anglers continue to pursue the perfect thread fin bait or the perfect size crab. It makes the Tarpon hunting adventure more glamorous, But if you really want to catch one, toss a Live or chunk fish out and then ignore the bait, when you are least expecting it, drinking eating a sandwich. Wham fish on. If you are a “J” hook person keep in mind it is a 3 set rule with Tarpon, Set the hook, then set it again, and once more to make sure.
Well time for me to get to work. You all have fun out there stay warm this morning and enjoy the last of the chilly weather, and think thoughts of bright sun shine, smooth water, and silver Kings rising up clearing the water and crashing back into the waves.
I will get a refill on my coffee light up another one and start my chores.
Fishin Frank

Cobia right next to the beaches

Cobia in chest deep water at Manasota Key beaches, Yes if you are out on the beach and you see what appears to be driftwood, brownish in color and just floating along, Better than even shot that is Cobia, Hard to believe that a fish would look like something just floating along like drift wood, but it is true,
The hard part of seeing Cobia when you are looking for them on the Sand bar in the Harbor is that they appear to look like a patch of grass, and I try to tell guys it is better to cast at 15 patches of grass than miss a Cobia,
On the beach consider if you see something floating do not take time to change out your lure, cast past the fish and then it is like shooting at skeet you have to lead the fish a bit, so your lure will pass right in front of them. Weather it is a crank bait, Spoon , jig, jerk bait, I would rather have a shot at them then be re-rigging a lure and the Cobia disappear. I hate it when that happens So a shrimp free lined or even under a popping cork will work fine. if you have a sinker rig with a shrimp, you will have to reel sort of fast but it can be done. again cast past the fish and just in front of them, then just before your bait hits the water start reeling in fast enough to keep the bait & sinker with-in two feet of the surface, No it is not perfect but it is a chance. Better than watching them go and not get a shot at all.
Good luck, have fun
Fishin Frank

Red Fish

crissy 1

Throw back Thursday
Crissy and Her Red fish, although I don’t think either is a throw back

More Pictures

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Fishin Has been good this week

Bass fishing


Caught on Yum Frog, port charlotte

Sharks in the Pirate Harbor hole

Black nose, lemons, Black tips, Bonnets, sharp nose, all of these are in good numbers through out the Harbor but the holes are doing great, Seems like mullet is the best bait, it is one of the earliest shark seasons I have ever seen and by the looks of it is going to be one of the best.

Redfish in the harbor 

Live shrimp or pinfish, and your favorite jig head is what has been getting the job done.  The waters are heating up and so is the bite!   White bait is also a great option and is slowing moving into our area.  The bigger fish are getting charged up and eating well.  

Want to gather your own bait?  Sabiki rigs work great for large thread fin schools swimming around the harbor right now.   We were able to grab a few for the live well on our way out.  You could also use them for cut bait Free lining or a split weight is best for threadfins.

I was able to enjoy an early morning on the water this week.   We caught a few nice redfish.  Quality over quantity today. Bigger slot sized fish and fewer juveniles. 

 Have a great weekend! Tight lines  


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