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Red fish in the cut off

Trying to find a place to catch red fish, with a free line shrimp?
Nothing fancy just toss a shrimp up under the branches of a mangrove tree and catch a Red fish. While you might have to cast under a few trees to find them. the Myakya Cut off is the place for Reds and a few Snook, which are eating Shrimp.
as you get farther down the Harbor the trend right now is about White bait. But 3 different people have told me about very good trips into the cut off, and all had Shrimp for bait.
So anyway, here is an easy place to look for Reds without throwing that darn cast net
Fishin Frank

up-date 03/25/15

Trout and Pompano on the east side just off the bar.
a quicky up-date

Mack attack continues

The Spanish Mackerel continue to be the Highlight of the Harbor fishing, trolling until you find them and then just cast into the schools. A 14 size bomber, Storm twitch, or a 1/4 once Rat-L-trap all are good lures, I would suggest the Rapala 08 X-rap but it is more money and the others work well. The lures all track straight and don’t cause line twist while trolling, 2 lures out will do well, having a couple other rods rigged with a Got-cha or small spoons is a good idea once you hook up with the lures you are trolling, Cast the Got-cha or Spoons which do seem to work better just casting, but Spoons twist the line too much while trolling.
West side of the 41 bridges, heading towards fish-ville is a good bet.
Mark #5 or in the ICW Good luck out there.

Black drum

Gi-hugeic School of black drum is moving up and down the Harbor, best place to see them is out in the 20 foot hole, there is 2000 Drum in this school from 20 pounds to 70 pounds. Even if you do not hook up, Just to see it, is awe inspiring if you hook up flat-out amazing.

April Fishin Club meeting

April 14th & 15th at Luigi’s FISHIN Club meeting
all about Spanish Mackerel, catching cleaning cooking,
which is better lures or Bait , and trolling styles for catching Mackerel

Mack Attack

April 14th & 15th at Luigi’s FISHIN Club meeting
all about Spanish Mackerel, catching cleaning cooking,
which is better lures or Bait , and trolling styles for catching Mackerel

Fishy weekend 

Its finally here.  Another beautiful weekend in SWFL.  Perfect for getting out on the water or beaches.  The warmer weather is getting ALL the fish fired up.   

This week we had a variety of trips.  We started the week scouting for up coming shark trips. They are around right now from pint sized terrors to big bull sharks.  Spring is here and our waters are getting sharky.  

Whenever your shark fishing have a pair of wire/ cable cutters handy.  When hook removal is difficult cut as close to the hook as you can.  We caught a little guy with a leader twice his size dangling behind him.  We freed this cutie so he could grow big and strong.   

The flats are alive with reds and snook.  Redfish have been pretty shallow.  Anchor with in casting distance of a mangrove line and throw your bait towards the shore.  Look for a sandy area to aim so your bait doesn’t burry in the grass.  Live large shrimp and cut up lady or pinfish make great redfish bait. Snook are after white bait and pinfish.  Captain Andrew hooked into a nice snook using a pinfish on a jig head.  

As the day warmed up the redfish bite slowed but the snook only got better. Exploring our local flats is a great way to spend your weekend.  Even if you don’t have access to a boat, there are plenty of parks to enjoy and areas to wade fish. lists some of the best fishing spots from land and water in our area. Tight lines, hope to see your catches on the Fishin Frank’s Facebook page!

Tent Sale event 2015

Now that I have a minute, I would like to thank the thousands of People who came to the event, each and every owner of the Tackle companies was impressed with the quality of the questions asked and a couple are thinking about products which people have asked for. I have had some great feed back about the sale, and last year the lines to get checked out were way to long this year it was 1/4 the time so I will count that as a win. The only major problem at the show this year was the wait inside the store for the line machines. and I have a plan to fix that next Year.

As I start booking the show for 2016 next month I would really like you to e-mail frank@fishinfranks with any comments on how I can improve the show and Who should we add to the Show next Year. We are talking to Shakespeare and Berkley about coming in 2016 and hope that is going to work out who would you like to meet which company would you like to see here next year.
We had People from as far south as Naples, and as far North as Gainesville. So I think the word is out. But I try to improve each year and make it better The key is our Jacks or better policy in other words you must have the National sales manager or higher up from the factory for them to attend our little show. As any day you may come here in the store and talk to a fishing guide. I believe in being truthful so we had 16 fishing Guide Charter boat Captains helping that day as well as the 40 factory People and our Pirate Crew of 15 But each person is correctly labeled so you know who you are talking to, If their badge says Owner Yup that’s the owner of the Company. How cool is that!

Ok I will be doing blogs, and Radio Shows, starting again tomorrow. I hope you are all are catchin a mess of Fish. And having, the time of your life, thanks again for being part of ours.
Fishin Frank,

Flats Frenzy

We started out early, the tide was low and we knew it was going to be a waiting game.  We explored some new areas around Boca Grande/ Placida.  It was a thick fog kind of morning making the run out slow.  We reached our destination and quickly found some trout who we after bright colored soft plastics.  This particular area was very grassy, not ideal for live bait.  We tired a few different shorelines as the morning went on.  I knew once it warmed up the fish would too.  We found an area with more sand holes and we could see various fish moving about.  Mullet, redfish hiding with them and sheeps head all searching for breakfast.  A very healthy flat with lots of activity.  We tried to stay off the shore line where all these fish were sitting, coming in quietly on the trolling motor.

redfish light tackle

By this time the sun was finally coming out, which turned the bite on.  We started hooking into some really nice redfish.  Aiden had caught a trout at the previous location, one of our goals today was to get him his first inshore slam.   Using live shrimp on jig heads and casting towards the shore, seemed to be the most successful today.  Only catching one redfish on a gold spoon.  We caught so many redfish that I actually lost count.  They had beautiful vibrant blue color in their tails since the water in our area is still pretty cool.  They looked like they had been eating well.  All nicely sized.  Cameron caught the biggest of the day at 25 1/2 inches and around 7-8lbs.  This redfish had a fat belly and was obviously a great eater, we let her go to be caught another day after a quick snapshot.  After all he did catch it on super light gear.  Penn battle 1000 and 6lb line.  What a fun fight!

Big redfish

As we moved further down the flat we found some small snook.  This was perfect to complete Aiden’s inshore slam.  If your unfamilar with the term.  A “slam” is catching various fish all in one day.  Most common inshore slam is Snook, Redfish and Trout.   After a few missed fish, and patiently waiting he was finally hooked up. The best way to sight cast these fish is to throw your bait past them, reel slowly until its closer to your catch.  Its very exciting watching the fish you intend on catching turn and eat your bait.  His first inshore slam and only 8 years old.  Pretty great day.  He did bother us all the way to the ramp, trying to convince us to search for tarpon.  Which would of made his slam a “grand slam”  All fish pictured were released. Take nothing but memories.

Inshore slam

Blog written by Mallory Herzog

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