What can you catch with white bait? 

White bait or greenbacks have been plentiful on the flats and along the beaches, especially during the morning hours.  Perfect to throw your net on and fill your live well for a day of fun.  If they aren’t easily accessible, or smaller schools we chum them in close to the boat or beach.  Frank sells a variety of dry bait chum.  We love ” bait maker” brand.  Dry chum is great and easy to store.   Also works on pinfish. You can mix it with water or menhaden oil and throw it out to attract bait fish.  

Snook and redfish enjoy live white bait.  One of my favorite activities is sight casting snook along our gulf beaches.  From the boat and the shore, it’s a blast watching them inhale your live bait.  We use 3/0 circle hooks and a loop knot to aid in the bait swimming naturally despite having a hook in it.   If your having a slow day you can try live chumming!   Get a half net full of green backs, squeeze them until they squeal and put them in a chum slinger.  Throw towards the shore line.  

If there’s fish there, Snook and Reds will feed and go crazy picking off the weak damaged bait. Popping on the surface.  Chasing bait on top.   You get some assistance on where exactly to place your bait.   You will be hooked up in no time!   Andrew & I caught a few nice snook and reds while exploring new bait locations in Pine Island.      

 The fish are here and hungry!  Contact Captain Andrew for a great day on the flats!  

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