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05/30/15 fishing we don’t want to know

Stealing, low life thieves, yes they are a part of fishing. We like to think that people who fish are good honest decent people, But I have a 1/2 of 1 percent rule. which is simple 1/2 of 1 percent of the people you meet are low life. and will lie cheat or steal. Except maybe in D.C. where the average goes way up.
So even if you live in a nice quiet neighborhood, with good people, Do not leave your tackle out in your boat or where it may be seen, by anyone, Your neighbor may be a great guy, But what about his friends or your for that matter. Or just some goon ball driving by.
Fishing Tackle gets stolen here EVERY DAY. Yes somewhere in South west Florida each day fishing rods, reels, lures, Boats get stolen, Most often the Tackle is left in the persons Boat. Captains get hit a lot as they get in late and think well it is 11:pm and I have to leave again at 5:am No one is going to steal it. Wrong in the morning their Rods and reels are gone.
Sorry But 1/2 of 1 percent rule there is about 60,000 People in Port Charlotte So that means there is 300 people who given a chance will steal your stuff.

Sorry but I am posting this to remind you put it away, So you do not have to spend all that time checking the internet selling sites to see who is selling your Rods & reels.


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Fishin 05 29 15

Each day when I come into the store I listen to what people talk about fishin wise, and the talk today is Cobia, Seems like there has been quite a few in the Harbor, Form the 41 bridges to Boca pass, the People fishin for them are looking hard for fresh Lady fish, frozen will do, but fresh is better.
Today with the winds at around 5 m.p.h. the waters should be calm, lots of sunshine means the Cobia will be looking for shade, and where in the open Harbor do you find shade. Under your boat, So put a rod in a holder and a chunk of lady fish on it, with the hook 2 feet below your hull. Make sure your drag is loose or you have a live-liner style reel, because if a 40 pound Cobia takes that bait 2 feet from the boat, all heck is gonna break loose and if your drag is tight, you are done before you start, once that line is set, then fish as you would. and wait for the tackle wrecker.  An interesting thing to do is lean over the side of your boat and look under it for Cobia laying up in the Shade. your bait hanging right there makes an easy snack.

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fishin up-date 05/24/15

Spanish mackerel are back, The east side of the Harbor is where the Spanish are gathering, from Colony point off PGI all the way down the bar to Two Pines. As Spanish mackerel are movers trolling to find them is the best way to catch them, Now I would say any lure should be good, How ever the is a trend right now with the Mackerel to white lures, Yes Vinnie was trolling a white Storm twitch and a black and silver lure, the black and Silver would get hit and the white lure would get hit often at the same time, the White Storm twitch would be a Spanish, and the black silver would be a Lady fish. time and again this happened. So if you are looking for Lady fish, 6 feet of water off the east side almost any where trolling at 3 miles an hour, with black and silver lure 3 inches long or so, will do the trick. If it is Spanish try the white storm Twitch.
good luck
Fishin frank

05/23/15 days of Fishing

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What we do.

Fishing up date 05/23/15

Mahi – mahi
6 to 9 pounds caught in 55 feet of water in the gulf of Boca.
Capt. Morris was heading out to do a day of Grouper Fishing and spotted a Crab float with line tangled around it and he could see a school of Dolphin under the float, tossing a handful of chum at the School while they rigged a rod. they caught 6 of them before a 8 foot Bull shark tried to catch his Mahi dinner and the school scattered.

Fishin 05/22/15

Bay shore Pier is in the fish news again. Well not really but they have caught some Small Trout, I guess I need to be honest Cat-fish, and finally some Tarpon are being caught here, it seem early in the day or afternoon the Tarpon are working that bay shore, shoreline from the bridge to Grassy Point feeding. Which as Bay shore pier is the only pier there a good pier for Tarpon right now,
Cobia had been pretty steady thee and should pick back up, In the next week or so, But
For now you will have to settle for Tarpon fishing if you can get through the cat-fish.

Fishin up-date 05/21/15

2015 continues to be a head scratcher. The fishing news lately is about Spotted Sea Trout, while this winter it was a slow season for Trout, by that I mean not many of them compared to other years, since what we would call Trout season ended which is when the water warms up over 75 degrees the trout have been moving in more and more, This week at Lashiey Park pier there have been Sea Trout and Flounder. both species are more known to be here in cooler weather months like November. 2015 brings new definition to when the Flounder and Trout are going to be here.
Laishley Park pier is doing well on Sea Trout as you would think poppin corks for the Trout with a live shrimp, A hint make your line between the bobber/cork to the hook as long as you can 4 to 5 feet. as if you have a friend fishing with you, have them fish on the bottom bouncing the bait every once in a while by sharply lifting the tip of the rod then let the bait settle back onto the bottom for flounder.

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