Fishin 05 29 15

Each day when I come into the store I listen to what people talk about fishin wise, and the talk today is Cobia, Seems like there has been quite a few in the Harbor, Form the 41 bridges to Boca pass, the People fishin for them are looking hard for fresh Lady fish, frozen will do, but fresh is better.
Today with the winds at around 5 m.p.h. the waters should be calm, lots of sunshine means the Cobia will be looking for shade, and where in the open Harbor do you find shade. Under your boat, So put a rod in a holder and a chunk of lady fish on it, with the hook 2 feet below your hull. Make sure your drag is loose or you have a live-liner style reel, because if a 40 pound Cobia takes that bait 2 feet from the boat, all heck is gonna break loose and if your drag is tight, you are done before you start, once that line is set, then fish as you would. and wait for the tackle wrecker.  An interesting thing to do is lean over the side of your boat and look under it for Cobia laying up in the Shade. your bait hanging right there makes an easy snack.

05 29 15 a 05 29 15 b 05 29 15

About Fishin Franks

I have been in the fishing business since 1984, and enjoy mu customers. we here at Fishin Franks bait and tackle are pretty good with our customers 95% of the time, 3% not so good and 2% we fail miserably. But all in all we hope you give us a try. and that day we don't fail at being who you hope we are. Fishin Frank

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