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what would you like us to stock

I-cast the national fishing tackle trade show is coming up in a July, Robert and I will be going and we are looking for new products, Lures / tackle.
Any one have anything they think we should look at. What do you like?
We are adding a front porch to fishin franks which will display almost 100 rod & reel combo’s. and I am turning my office into a fresh water fishing room. So we will have some more space to fill with goodies.
So any ideas? Fishin Frank

fishin report 06/25/15

up-dated all of the place by place report.

Dads day, Grandpa style

Hi Frank ,
I thought I would like to bring my grandchildren to a pond for some fun fishin today,so I stopped by bought some wiggles and some corks and went to a nearby pond to try our luck and enjoy some quality time together. I was thinking catch a few bream maybe if we were lucky a small bass. I brought my fly rod along just in case I couldn’t find any live worms. Brianna caught her first fish on the fly rod popper ! A beautiful bass , and after the picture we released it unharmed to be caught another day.
We decided to make a move ,and Justin catches this 37″ grass carp on a Zebco 202! What an amazing day.  Just wanted to share our Father’sDay fun with you and say thanks ! Steve R.

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Sale today and tomorrow Fathers day $5.00 ea.

fishbone_key frank_key redfish_key shark_key snook_key tarpon_keyKey chains, And necklace, Snook, Red fish , Tarpon, hammer head,  all $5.00

Some have the out side ring , some do not. All of them are $5.00
Fathers day gifts Pendants, Key chains, All $5.00

today and Sunday 6/20/15 & 6/21/15


Hearing some weird reports of lots of Red fish and Snook on the near shore reefs, One theory is that the water is so hot right now that the Snook, who came to the beaches to spawn are just heading into the cooler waters of the Gulf,
It is possible that while the Red fish are not spawning the ones near the ICW Pins island sound or Gasprilla sound may just have followed the cooler water into the gulf.
This is not a fact or anything but a theory and is based on reports from a few fisherman who have been catching Snook and Red fish on the near reefs, Might be nothing or it might explain a lot.

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Whale of a good time 

Captain Andrew stopped by his friends house this afternoon.  Good friends always tell fish stories but today he had quite an interesting one, and pictures to back it up.  You know what they say in fishing, “Pics or it didn’t happen”.  He and his family were out fishing earlier this week offshore.  They came upon two whale sharks.  An amazing sight, many fishermen and scuba divers dream of!  

 They took a few snapshots and said these whale sharks were huge.  They were looking on as they were filter feeding, pushing countless of gallons of water though their gills.  He also mentioned how many cobia were traveling with these guys.

Pictures below of these massive sharks.  Dorsal fin and tail above the water.  Look closely in first photo to see its spots.  Get out there and explore.  You never know what you may find in your own back yard.  Want to know more about these gorgeous creatures?  Click Here  

Topic for to nights meeting


Fishin Club meeting
I am not going to say, what the topic is for tonight’s and tomorrow nights meetings is, but I think it is a really good one.
The meeting starts at 6:30 and here it is only 2:pm I had 4 1/2 hours to go yet. I knew I would figure it out.,

Fishing up-date 06/08/15

There seems to be more & more Trout showing up this spring, The flats in Gasprilla sound are full of small Spotted sea-trout, which has brought onto the flats a bunch of sharks, Lemons, Nurse, Black tips, So one minute you are reeling in a 12 inch Trout, the next second a four-foot shark. Might be time to try the knot-able steel leader. It ties just like fluorocarbon to your main line, and Trout are not leader shy at that size, the steel would give you a better shot at landing the Shark.

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