Whale of a good time 

Captain Andrew stopped by his friends house this afternoon.  Good friends always tell fish stories but today he had quite an interesting one, and pictures to back it up.  You know what they say in fishing, “Pics or it didn’t happen”.  He and his family were out fishing earlier this week offshore.  They came upon two whale sharks.  An amazing sight, many fishermen and scuba divers dream of!  

 They took a few snapshots and said these whale sharks were huge.  They were looking on as they were filter feeding, pushing countless of gallons of water though their gills.  He also mentioned how many cobia were traveling with these guys.

Pictures below of these massive sharks.  Dorsal fin and tail above the water.  Look closely in first photo to see its spots.  Get out there and explore.  You never know what you may find in your own back yard.  Want to know more about these gorgeous creatures?  Click Here  


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