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Summer Fun

Another summer is coming to an end here in SWFL.  I hope everyone had a fun summer with their families and friends.  I took some time away this summer myself to spend time with family and made some new memories on the water.   Fall is around the corner and with the seasons changing so does the bite.

I am thrilled to walk into Fishin Franks and see larger sized shrimp making a come back.  These are great for fall red fish.  They cant resist a jumbo shrimp walking by them.  Fish them free-lined or on your favorite jig head.  If you aren’t a bait guy, gold spoon’s and soft plastics will do the trick.  These reds are starting to school up, feeding the best during early morning hours.  The rain forecast this week could throw this off.  I am welcoming weather forcast, this rain will cool down the water even more and could increase the bite. Redfish Release

Snook season opens this week.  You can buy your snook stamp anywhere you buy a Florida fishing license.  Catching and releasing in our area will greatly help the population grow.  Their population was decresed by the freeze a few years back, still recovering.   Target them with live bait in deep pockets along the flats, or right along any sandy drop offs.  Working a top water lure along the shoreline around first light will lure a hungry snook out to eat.

snook lemon bay

If your fishing from the shore line you have a lot of great options too.  The white bait is along the beaches from Boca Grande to Englewood.  Snook and flounder have been prevalent along gulf beaches, jacks mackerel, trout and a few small tarpon in lemon bay.  Have a great week on the water and try to avoid the rain,  the fish dont mind they are already wet!

Mallory Herzog- BigBullyOutdoors

Rain ?

CAM00939They said it night rain. Well I think we are getting 30% ed

Sharknado hits Fishin Franks

IMG_1873on such a nice Sunny day. Who expected it to rain Sharks

Fishing Club meeting September 8th or 9th

I got the Idea from the August meeting, Snook Fishing is the topic.
You will get a paper Chart to write on, We will show you a place on the chart to go, explain which lure, will catch Snook there and how to use it, We will also pick a bait and a rig for that spot and show you how to build it.

My-self Fishin Frank, Robert & Capt. Cayle will each pick a spot and show you on the chart where it is and how to catch Snook when you get there.

So please bring a Pen or Pencil so you may take note.

A happy with me, Fishin Frank, in Charlotte Harbor. For actually having a topic more than an hour before the meeting.
Fishin Frank

fishing club meeting 08/11 & 08/1215

Where does the water flow on in-coming and out going tides?
How to make a Rat-trap a trolling lure.
Where should you fish on in-coming or out going tides
shown to you on a paper Chart we give you. You get a paper chart to write notes on.
and the New Product show case why I bought it, and should you? maybe / Maybe not.
This happen to night and tomorrow night at Luigi’s
Fishin Frank, Robert, and Capt Cayle

31 and counting

where were you August 8th 1984,
Me, I walked in the door to start working here at Fishin Franks, 31 years ago today.

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