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Fishing up-date 11/27/15

Fishing I will get to in a minute, I just wanted to say I did my first Black Friday thing today, I went to a store and waited in line and shopped for a deal.
I have now been there and done that, no tee shirt, but I have the memory of standing in line, I did save about 400. on my T.V. So I just thought I would share my first and hopefully last ever Black Friday wait in line, The only thing I thought was strange, People were doing it for fun. Hey normal and me never fit well n the same sentence so who I am to judge.

Fishing Lots of People going today we are having our own Black fri type thing here and there is me and 6 others trying to keep up, We slowed for a minute so I thought I would catch you up on the catching.
The reef off Alligator creek is doing well, But with this wind it is going to be bumpy & lumpy there for any boat under 23 foot. So a good bet is just off the sand bar on the east side it is protected from the wind and the Spanish mackerel. sea Trout and quite a few Sharks are working up and down the out side of the bar. nice fishy and out of the wind and waves.

The ICW around placida is also doing well for Spanish, flounder and some Sheep head starting an early season bite.
Walking the beaches this week end another good bet with Flounder and even King Mackerel with in casting distance of the beach
Hope you all had a good thanksgiving
I have to get back to work
Good luck

Fishin Frank

Fishin up-date 11/26/15

Cobia at the Alligator creek reef,
There has been some Cobia off the bar on the east side and with the wind today, the east side is your safe bet.
New of the weird a 40 inch Red fish caught at the alligator creek reef on a chunk of Lady fish, the chunk was as bug as your fist and the Guy was trying to catch Cobia. What a great surprise.

Lots of Red fish n both sides of the Harbor including Bull and Turtle bay.

Happy Thanksgiving

Fishin Frank


store front 11 18 15

Friends pic 11/02/15

11 02 1528″ Drum 11.25lbs caught on live hand picked shrimp. Love your reports and appreciate all your tips and knowledge thanks

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