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Fishing up-date 12/29/15

Flounder along the beaches of the gulf.
We have had several reports of People catching nice size flounder right from the beach, from Venice down to Sanibel.
Shrimp on the bottom or with a Jig bouncing it across the bottom. They have been about 20 to 30 feet from the shore.
Good luck

Fishin up date 12/26/15

Cobia at the Alligator creek reef. Yes the reef has a bunch of Cobia visiting it. Capt. Karl Caught 6 Cobia from 28 to 39 inches there. and free lining bait fish. or Pin fish under a bobber, or eel lures keep them ready when you are anywhere in the Harbor, Because they are not only at the reef, the Cobia are scattered from the 41 bridge all the way into the gulf,
Have fun

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas everyone,
Yes it is 6:am and I have the store open, I guess the expectation of Santa made it hard to stay asleep.
I hope Santa was good to every one, and you are where you really wish to be with the people you really wish to be with.
This is home here, and later I get to spend the rest of the day with ”┬áT” for those of you who don’t know that’s the woman who puts up with
my crazy dreams and schemes. Who I am So lucky to have found.
So I wish for you, what I have found my place in the world with amazing people around to share my life.
Merry Christmas everyone

Fishin Frank

Merry Christmas, Santa

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Santa Stopped by

He is going out to fish and relax a little before his big night,

All the toys are loaded in the sleigh, and Fishing relaxes Santa.

Good luck fly safe Santa

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas, For all you last minute Santa’s
and for you who have it all together and are headed out fishin.
We will be here until at least 3:pm maybe later call after 3
941 625 3888 to see if we are still open.
Tomorrow after Santa brings your new Fishin gear, If you were good that is. Hard to catch fish with a chunk of coal. …
we will be Open by 7 :am and should be here until at least 3 So you can try out your new toys.

Question 12 24 15

Question, is this hot weather effecting the fishing?
The water is not cold and it is not hot. The water is in the 70’s and that is like April /May or Sept tempetures.
which to be honest is sort of perfect. So while it is not the best for Spotted Sea Trout it is great for really every other fish.

So the water temp makes it hard for us to find fish as we think it is Dec.
So we go where we go in December to find fish and fish like it is cold out.
Think more May fishing and where they would ne then and your fishing will get better

THE Problems will come if the water gets hotter and hotter,
If the water starts warming and just keeps on getting hotter over the next few month it could be very bad.
Hot water holds very little oxygen, It could mean a very bad Summer, But for now it is all good.
And if the weather stays mild the fishing will stay good. too hot or too cold are bad for SW Fla. but for right now it is all Goldie locks,

Merry Christmas

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Thank You all from
Fishin Frank, Robert, Jeff, Greg, Mike, Austin, Andrew, Steve P., Steve H.,
Barb, Terry, Vinny, And The Rest of the Pirate Crew

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