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Nice when someone notices

Hi Frank,

This year one buddy gave me a Fishin Franks gift certificate and another one gave me a Bass Pro certificate (the second guy doesn’t fish so you can’t blame him).

So one rainy day we made the trip to Fort Meyers and spent the gift certificate.

Now I’m in your shop quite a bit and couldn’t resist doing some price checking.

Several items I can remember…Magnum crank bait 30’ plus 24.99 Bass Pro, 19.99 Franks. 10 oz grouper weights…Bass Pro was OVER $5 and Franks was UNDER $4.

I also bought a bunch of treble hooks to replace rusted ones and although I don’t recall the prices Franks carried the same brand and was considerably less. Same deal with 100% fluorocarbon.

And it’s good to know when I need a rod and reel I’m getting quality at a fair price (I usually nail your warrantee slip on my shed wall).

So wow..Great prices, Great advice and a staff that will always give me a hard time when I walk in the door….


Charlote county Boat show Sunday last day

We have been having a good time with everyone talking fishin, and about boats lots & lotsof boats here at the show this year, even the back circle is full.
We are in the building and will be doing fishing seminars starting at 10:30 am. tomorrow. and going until 2;30
There is Fishing charter Captains to talk to,
See you at the boat show for the last day Sunday the 17th

Charlotte county Boat show 2016

Had a great time yesterday at the boat show, looking forward to today once the rain stops. Glad we are in the building this show, Fishing talks all day today 6 talks and six different Captains. going to be a lot of fun. See ya at the boat show.

fishing up-date 01/09/16

Red fish at the mouth of the Myakka Cut-off and the shoreline towards Rocky Creek,
The tip comes to me from Steve aka Peg-leg He was rockin the Red fish a hit every 3rd cast
using a Gold 1/4 once jig head with a 3″ new penny color Gulp shrimp tail,
Cast it out let it hit the bottom wait for a 2 count then lift the rod tip sharply up and reel in the slack.
count to 2 again and repeat.
Simple but easy method but effective, Steve caught 15 red fish and had a blast
Good luck Happy hunting
Fishin Frank

Fishing up-date 1/8/16

Well the weather is at it again the harbor temp has dropped 10 degrees in 7 days, Which is a good thing but it will take the fish a while to catch up with the quickly falling temperatures.
So more of the fish are moving to their winter? spots clod weather hangouts . That means more fish in the canals and the fish in the gulf will move closer to the beach.

Spotted Trout are getting more active and growing in numbers on many of the flats, So that means you can drift across the flats and fan cast a tandem jig or even your favorite crank bait and find the Trout, Then I would take a poppin cork with a live shrimp and try for numbers, it is easier to find the trout with a lure / jig, but for numbers I would use a shrimp.

Fishing up-date 01 04 2016

Sea Trout are moving into the harbor again, this cool weather, is going to help bring in even more.
tandem Lures are the thing right now, the DOA and or Love Bug are both hot, Try one with pink
Out side the bar in about 5 foot of water, which is accessible to any size boat, casting a tandem rig jigged back in
moderate retrieve.
12 25 15 h

Both sides of the Harbor have Sea Trout and up the Peace river thee are Silver Trout.
Sugar Trout are up around Maker #2 and near the 41 bridge. Several Have been caught off Lashely Pier as well.

Fishing up-date 01/02/16

Hog fish on the near shore reefs,
you do not have to travel out far to find these tasty fish, weird looking as they are you can keep 5 per day size limit 15 inches
Live shrimp on or near the bottom best bait for Hogs right now


h f g

Who would have thought Hog Fish as a fashion statement?

Top photo to get your attention guys
this is what the Hog fish looks like

h f

Happy New Year 2016

Fishin Frank & Terry



And The Pirate Crew,
the Bait Bandits of Fishin Franks



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