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fishin up-date 03/30/16

East side on the bar the Sharks Black tips and Bonnet “Shovel nose” have started to move in. From @ pines to a mile north of Pirate Harbor the bar has bunches of Smaller sharks 1 to 4 footers. Spanish sardine Fresh caught or Frozen is the bait of choice of the Black tips cast one rod out free line and the other rod have your bait 4 feet below a float/bobber see which ones works better and adjust.
For the bonnet sharks Shrimp is the best bet. Again one on the bottom or free line, and the other line have the shrimp under a float.
I will Anchor up in a likely spot 4 feet of water off the bar, and cast toward the sand bar. letting my bobber line drift out away from the bar to open water.

I use regular “J” hooks for Shark fishing and then flatten the barb of the hook down for an easy release. to difficult to remove a circle hook from a sharks jaw.

Good luck

fishin up-date 03/28/16

Jacks or better. Well it is way better all Kings, and very close to the beaches. great reports of King Mackerel near shore within 3 miles and they are hitting lady fish, the cool thing is a guy drifting for Sharks hooked one way over 40 inches and boated 2 just at 40 inches while drifting lady fish for sharks. The largest one got away right at the size of the boat, he said it dwarfs the 2 he landed. several reports of Kings sky rocketing, which is the term used when the King mackerel free jump.
So get out your trolling lures, or just some lady fish and drift these jumping crazy toothy fish are here now.

Have fun

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fishin up date 03/21/16

Happy Easter
For those of you who do not wish to travel far for your fish the Reds are in good numbers around Hog Island. Poppin corks with a shrimp popped slowly near the mangroves I would say about four feet in front of the branches is very effective. A shrimp with a 1/8 once Rock port head gold or pink 1/2 or 2/0 hook tossed just under the mangroves let it sit for a minute then lift your rod and move the bait 6 inches or so then wait again.
Of Course the main bait of choice is white bait if you can find any free lined or Red fish Sunday style which is hooking the bait fish across the back so it is on it’s side on the bottom.
The white bait is hard to find but there is some on the markers. the most bait is by Jug creek out to Devil Fish and along the I.C.W.
Good luck Fishin frank

fishin up date 03/26/16

I got a strange Trick for catching Cobia from Dave  Jacobs yesterday they were out trying to catch Lady fish for bait.
So they were Trolling Small buck tail jigs white head with white buck tail and Red head with white buck tail.
moving at 3 miles an hour and They caught several Cobia. OK they were all in the 26 to 30 inch range under the legal size limit but fun as heck
on the small light tackle spinning rods. They were trolling between Alligator creek & the reef.
Just goes to show you never know what you will hook-up with when you put a bait in the water here in S.W. Fla.

Fishin Frank

fishin up-date 03/25/16

Red fish on or just behind the bar, between Burnt store and two pines. There are more schools just to the north of Pirate Harbor,
These schools are feeding on top of or just behind the bar on the inside, With the water temps warming up try to find some Bait fish, But Cut bait and or Shrimp are still doing pretty good.

If I was using lures, it would be one of a couple of choices a Little john tail with a rockport rattler jig head, I would use at least 1/4 once for distance casting as the darn reds seem to be thickest just beyond where I can cast to. Not forgetting it is always better to cast past the school and then work the lure into the fish. Another good choice would be the MirrOlure MR-17 either the 18 or broken gold Sunshine the 19 a little cloudy the BBG. My new favorite is the Rapala BX-minnow it looks exactly like a with bait, and it has been catching every thing in sight.
When working the MirrOlure or the rapala don’t be afraid to go quick with it, and then make sure you stop it for a full second then go again,
It is the stop that gets them to hit.
Good Luck
Fishin Frank

Fishin up-date 03/23/16

The Mack attack has started, Yes those tasty little latin invaders are here,
and trolling is the way to find them. People have tried spoons, jigs, and a variety of things But the Storm twitch is the king of Mackerel.
funny the thing is the combo of the lager ghost and the smaller one seems to be even better than just the smaller/ normal size.
I would not have thought the Macks would like the bigger size, but try putting the larger twitch out about 35 feet behind the boat
and the smaller one out maybe 50 to 75 feet behind you.

Christmas Eve? well Tent sale eve anyway

I guess it is like Christmas Eve for me today, I don’t know if I feel like the six-year-old, who is waiting, to see what wonders Santa has brought
or if I am the Parent who is wondering if I can pay the bills for this. But either way tomorrow is the day 23 factory people, 12 factory Reps,
13 Fishing Captains, 20 volunteers, 14 staff and 8 temps and a partridge in a Mangrove tree
It all will work itself out will be in full swing, by 8:am and yes I know there is a chance of rain and I bought extra rain shelters and made as much adjustments for that as possible. I hope you all enjoy the show, casting demonstration tanks and great buys on every thing .

This is the Largest event we have ever had, this is going to be amazing
See you tomorrow
Fishin Frank

tent sale day

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