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Fishin up-date 04/14/16

Cobia have moved into Alligator bay. there have been several Cobia caught off the Port Charlotte Beach pier in the last few day. Yesterday 3 caught over 40 inches and 1 over 50 inches

Gary has left the building

Yes Gary has left the building but you can listen to Gary myself and Collin,
talk about rods, rod building, Fishing
by clicking this link and then just click the radio fishin with the picture of me and Gary
it is an mp3 file which will play automatically when you click it.

Fishin frank


Gary loomis today 1 to 4 pm

TODAY 1 to 4 pm


yes Gary will here from 1 to 4 pm with specials on T.F.O.
Have Gary sign your T.F.O. or Edge Rod

Gary Loomis here at Fishin franks Sat. April 23rd

Stop in and meet the rod builder Gary Loomis this Saturday from 1;pm to 4:pm
Check out his Edge Rods and the rods he devolved for T.F.O.
Here at Fishin Franks Saturday April 23rd two days from now.

Have Gary sign your T.F.O. or Edge Rod

er5 Gary loomis P1020772


world-famous rod builder Gary
Here at Fishin Franks Saturday April 23rd two days from now.
If you bought a T.F.O. or Edge rods at the tent sale this year, Gary will sign it for you.

fishin up-date 04/18/16

Sharks are the dominate fish in the Harbor, But the tarpon are thick as well. This is what I would expect and I should say hope for at this time of year, and there is a ton of them here.
on A different note triple tail, are here again and in big numbers and there are some big ones.
Look at the buoys in the gulf and anywhere you see something floating. there is a bunch ripple tail in the Harbor around the cape haze and out towards the gulf. small shrimp free lined at them when you see them. this is sight fish, fishing

fishin up date 04/14/16

Sharks and Tarpon, even Cobia are all possible right now here in S.W.Fla.
the fishin is good a Trick for you if you want a Tarpon. Shrimp on a 1/2 once jig head Red or gold
and cast it out letting it fall slowly. where you ask? just out in the shipping lane out side of Boca Pass
it is Tarpon candy right now. it does not have to be a really big shrimp. It should work with even a shrimp tail,
maybe even a gulp shrimp. Ok I know it should be crabs or thread fin, But even I don’t want pizza every night


Fishin up date 04/08/16

Cobia, Sharks, and Tarpon
all of these have moved into the Harbor, and the cool thing, They are eating dead bait.
quite often you need to catch and use fresh live bait to get these fish to eat.
But reports from 3 different boats fishin the middle of the Harbor to down off Cape Haze, all three
are eating frozen bait as well as or better than the live bait.
Mullet, Lady fish, and Thread fin. all are doing good, but un-cut whole Thread fins either free line
or better yet 5 feet under a float is the best of the three. For the Tarpon and Cobia, Both fish are hitting and the boats have been anchored up and the tarpon and Cobia are seem not to mind sharing the space. And one other thing cutting the bait in half as I would think to do, and No good, they want them whole

Sharks are hitting better off the bottom using sinkers to keep the bait down, and any of the three types of bait cut into pieces is better than whole.

New Fishing reports 04/07/16

Place by place fishing report “Written”

or listen to Radio Fishin report “Audio”


fishin up-date 04/03/16

Sharks are on the menu and on the beaches, Black tip, Bonnets, Bulls, sand bars and more. Best bait Mullet or lady fish. Sting ray and everything else is also working don’t know if the is really a best Bait right now, but more people are buying Mullet and lady fish than anything so that is why I guess they are the better bet.

All you need to catch Sharks up to 3 foot long is a regular spinning rod with 10 to 20 pound test line and a small steel leader, I use the A.F.W. bleeding leaders about a 4/0 size and that really seems to be great for them. flatten the barb of the hook for catch and release. Put on a chunk of fish 3 fingers.
By 3 fingers I mean lay your bait fish say a whole lady fish, Now place 3 fingers on the fish. that is how much you should put on the hook.
If two people are fishing one should be under a float and the other with a sinker, see which way the Sharks are wanting the bait. Near the top or on the bottom. then kick back and enjoy the fight.

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