Fire works fishing report 07/04/16

july 4

There are Tarpon, a few Cobia and a bunch of Snook along with some Silver Trout
at the fire works site. But eh main fish here is going to be Sharks and Cat-fish. Yes the sharks and cat-fish are thick here between 41 and I-75

To night when you head your boat to the 41 bridges make sure you have an extra flash light, this is great for landing fish and lighting up your boat so other boats can see you.
The law requires a green and red bow light and a white stern light. The flash light is extra.
If the bow light blind you take some black tape and cover the back of the lights so they can be seen from the front and sides but do not shine into your eyes.
When a boat is underway and you are anchored you think because you can see them they can see you.
Not the case the bow lights make it hard to see if they shine in the boat. So I flash a light briefly at the on-coming boat just so I know they, know I am there. A 1 to 2 second flash of light will do it, longer and you will blind the other boat and could cause problems for them.
Keep your lights on when anchored Bow and anchor lights. I hang a flash light so it shines down into the boat. Better safe than sorry.
Now to the fishing report for tonight’s fire works show.
There is a bunch of sharks by the 41 and I-75 bridges, these are the fun size sharks average 30 inches long. And you do not need big rods, your Snook or red fish /Bass rods and reels are fine for this type of fishing. 15, 20 or 30 pound braid or 10, 12 or 15 pound test mono line is plenty good for these sharks.
I use the bleeding red AFW steel leaders but any light duty steel leaders will work. keep your leaders short two foot long or less, I tie my line right to the swivel of the leader. Hook size for these sharks is from 3/0 to 5/0 standard hooks long to medium shank. “J” or circle hook is up to you.

Now a chum bag will increase your chances greatly of catching sharks, I use the simple easy chum already frozen in the bad, so I just tie a line to it and let it hang over the back of the boat.

How to rig for these sharks I would say line with a bobber but that is not good when there are so many boats around. Some one will run over the line and that is just a problem. So for tonight fire works it should be sinkers, the sinker will keep your line down and not cause problem for you or other boaters,
Free line is good for catching but again not tonight, with all of the boats around lets keep it simple and easy all of the lines out should be weighted. And do not cast far from the boat,
Short cast off the back of the boat the chum will bring them close and with all of the boats, the sharks are not going to be timid they should not be bothered and this again keeps the problems to a minimum

Tools you should have is the flashlight and a good pair of needle nose pliers, the pliers will help you get the hooks out and they are to crush the barb of your hooks, the flattened barb makes catch and release easy.

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