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Fishin up date 08/27/16

Grouper doing a flip flop a Major turn around in the grouper world occurred this week,
as Red grouper who have been out in 100 feet of water have changed position and are now heavily populated in 40 to 50 feet of water.
This is a radicle change of position for the Grouper and as they are “RED” grouper this may have something to do with Russian influence,
Now that is just a rumor.
Many of the people running way out to find Red grouper and having no luck have turned back to the shallower waters to find the Snapper bite,
which is still very good and then, Surprise Grouper keeper sizes even.
Could 2016 get any more weird.

Fishin up date – 08/24/16

Lemon Sharks big ones average 6 to 7 foot long, I would guess 200 pounds or better are quite a common catch right now.
different types or style of fishing for them on is to drift from in front of Bull bay to in front of Turtle bay.

The other place and style is by Useppa Island to Patricio anchor and use a chum bag. These are a catch & release Sharks only
the way to tell a Lemon from a bull Shark which you are allowed to keep over 54 inches is the Lemon has its two top fins the dorsal and the one over the tail, are the same size, where as a bull shark the rear top fin is munch smaller. No lemon sharks are not Yellow in color. A lemon may be gray, brown o even darker colors how-ever, I have seen a couple which were close to Yellow in color.

Please flatten the barb of your hook when in an area that would have Lemons This ensures a better catch and release.
Bonita and Mullet chunks are the two favorite baits. If drifting free line the bait out no sinkers, if anchored up, one free-line and one with a sinker on the bottom. Good size chunk of fish larger than 2 fist is the ticket. Big bait bigger fish.


Fishin up date 08/23/16

Pompano at Alligator Creek in the channel marker section,
Jacks hanging out in the deeper bends of the creeks,
Tarpon and Snook in the old locks going into Burnt store isles
Just out at the mouth of the creek off to both side the Red Fish are feeding under the mangroves

Cobia reports 08/20/16

Cobia are thick on the Cape Haze bar, Steve and friends had a blast, catching them. that’s the good news, the bad is they were all short no legal size, Good News the Cobia have started moving back and if they hang around they will be legal size quickly.
New Penny Gulp shrimp on a gold jig head is what they were using to catch them. 3 inch size.

Staff at Fort Myers store

Opening a another store can be a problem.
How do you find people like you have at the first one?
it would be impossible to find quickly another Pirate crew of bait Bandit’s
so what do I do? Easy use the same people.
Monday Steve.
Tuesday Andrew
Thursday Vinnie
Friday Robert
Sunday Fishin Frank
each of our crew will be at the N. Ft Myers store
1 day a week instead of a shift at Fishin Franks Charlotte Harbor.
We hope the store will be busy enough so we can hire local people.
Fishin Franks now employs 18 people and I hope to expand on that.
Local people will bring even more information to help us continue helping people have fun and relax
while enjoying the wonderful pastime called Fishing which we hope to change one day to call it catching.
Fishin Frank

Fort Myers Tackle shop aka Fishin Franks the other

Yes there will be a Fishin Franks opening in North Fort Myers.
14531 N. Cleveland Ave.
North  Fort. Myers Fl. 33903
How ever due to lease restrictions we will not have bait there only tackle.
If the store does Ok we might look for another place where we can have the full line of Bait.
but for now it will be a tackle store.

By the time that store opens sometime in September we will be on.
Amazon price match on all in stock reels.
So here and at the new store as we get our new orders in which SHOULD,
and I said until the final invoice and if the companies I worked with do as they said.
this looks 90% gonna happen. Unless the boat sinks, Hey you never know. but that is our goal

So many more cool things, going to happen. Our web site where you buy things is only doing gift card right now.
But once the other store is open we are going to have full time people building the largest fishing tackle Web site
you will every find.

Any way
that’s the skinny about what’s going on,
Who know if things work out we may be adding something north of here,

Fishin up date 08/16/16

Fishin Report for 08/16/16

Red fish on the North side of the Peace river between I-75 and 41.
The new power pole park is pretty steady for catching red fish. and for you boaters the east side is also holding good number.
Black drum and Tarpon are under The I-75 Bridge. with a bunch of Tarpon working in front of PGI in the morning hours

Blue crabs are the bait of choice off the Park and on the east side. Busted into chunks or small whole crabs.
Tarpon are becoming more plentiful around the Harbor several more schools seen coming in from the Gulf.


Pompano on the beaches

There is some schools of Pompano working the beaches along the gulf. The Banana or Silly jig is still the lure of choice.
Quite a few people are tipping the jig with just a bit of shrimp meat, But the vast amount are just casting and retrieving with a moderate retrieve and a little bit of lift to the rod tip.

Fishin up-date 08/13/16

Red fish East or west side ?
I am going to call east. Cut bait is the key right now, Even Shrimp slightly stinky so live shrimp  is not the thing frozen with a nice touch of pink.
Lady fish chunks or mullet chunks, about 2 fingers wide for a piece of bait. Toss it out just in-side the bar about 100 feet in. the red during the morning hours are out thee feeding.
After 10 it is more of working the mangroves up under leafy green branches which create more shade. The sun is pretty intense by then.

fishin up date from Capt Karl 08/12/16

The Tarpon are not hitting white bait or thread fins, But toss a storm paddle tail and just slow reel it and bam. hit after hit.
The brown or pumpkin colors are what seem to be the best.

The canals are just loaded with Snook, Karl went through over a hundred white baits this morning on his trip had to go back for more the Snook were hitting so fast and it may have been before the storm feed, But Karl thinks it is just that there is so many and they are in the canals of PGI for the deeper water which would be a bit cooler, and so many fish the competition for food is what is driving the Snook to feed so aggressively .

Lots of flounder on the sand bar in front of Turtle bay , Gulp under a float about 3 feet and just let it drift.
No color stands out as he used different ones


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