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Fishin up-date 08/11/16

Spotted sea Trout,
The number are better over on the flats by Jug creek shoals,
But the east side while less in number it is still a good chance of getting into School, the Size is what the difference seems to be. Harder to find keepers on the east side,
Lemon Bay is one place I have heard of with better size Trout, and the numbers of Red fish there is getting better.

Rapala back in stock Single hook twitch

rapala single

we are restocked, the first batches sold out,
and they are back. wait until you see the green back. looks just exactly like a white bait
and they will run on the flats .
Excellent Snook, and or Red fish lure

Fishin up date 08/16/16

Mahi-mahi just off the coast starting in around 30 feet of water, netter numbers as you get past the 60 foot mark.
You should start to see a difference in the color of the water
trolling or casting keep in mind these are smaller Dolphin, few if any big bulls or cows, so keep your bait and your lures on the small size.

Fishin up date 08/04/16

Spanish Mackerel are in good numbers out by Mary’s or the power pole reefs.
You may also find them working the shoreline along many of the beaches.
Up in the Harbor out in front of Jug Creek shoals and over by the Cape Haze Bar
and out in front of Bull Bay. the thing to hope for is that you are there on an in-coming tide
That is when the Mackerel have been feeding.
Not many up here by the bridges, if there is a long incoming tide they will come up to 41
But you have to troll to find them.
Fishin Frank

Fishin up date 08/3/16

Jug Creek shoals has some white bait and the fishing pretty good.
Trout at least a few are still there on the flats, and there is plenty of Smaller sharks as well.
Red fish are hitting and they seem to be more in the shade of the mangroves then on the open flats.
Blue Crab chunks are the ticket for a big numbers red fish day,

Fishin up-date

Black drum are still the story this year
Black Drum thick in the PGI canals and up the River by the I-75 bridge. Take a blue crab and Cut it in half, use a heavier sinker and get the cut chunk of Crab next to a piling or Close to the sea wall. Black Drum are not leader shy so a 50 pound mono leader is all good. Kick back enjoy the day until it kicks your butt.

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