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Fishin practice up date 09/30/16

Over the last 30 years I have had some amazing customers. memorable ones, and often they are very young, A woman came in with her son 4 or 5 years old asking for a fishing pole. we settled on an Iron Man fishing pole. what is cool about some of these kids combos is they come with a foam hook and foam practice fish. I know it is hard to figure out how to put them together, so I put the hook together and assembled the fish. So he could catch them with his new rod.
Well I learned years ago when showing young boys how to cast do it underhand. Not over hand, as young boys can get a bit excited, So in the store I showed him and he cast a time or two and he and his mom left.

Today I found out that today is Father/Son day at their house. Dad went to get something for them and heard a crash and banging from the boy’s room.
He ran back and there in the room, the boy on the bed sort of hiding with big wide eyes as Iron man the fishing pole was flying round and round the room hooked to the ceiling fan. No one hurt minimal damage to the toy shelves and he is ready for more practice, now that Dad has removed Iron man from the ceiling fan.

When someone leaves the store you just never know the stories they will bring back.
I should have warned the mom Iron man can fly.

Fishin Frank

Fishin up-date 09/30/16

Jacks big schools of Jacks on the inside of Captiva Island,
bunches of Jacks and some lady fish, along with Monster sting-rays
reports several sting-rays with wing spans of 4 feet,
the good news for the Tarpon folks There is Tarpon along the ICW and the Lady fish have moved back in from the tear in the time/space vortex and So tarpon and bait in the ICW

Fishin Franks North Fort Myers

Fishin Franks
14531 N. Cleveland ave.
North fort Myers Florida 33903
( 239 ) 634-1043
Opens Monday October 3rd.
Monday through Friday 8:am until 5:pm
Saturday 8:am until 3:pm
Sunday 11:am until 4:pm

each day there will be at our new Fort Myers location working
one of the original Pirate Crew of Bait bandits, listed below.
we hope if the store is busy enough to hire local people as well.

Mon- Capt. Cayle Wills                  Tuesday- Capt. Andrew Merriman …
cayle-001….         .   a-m
Wednesday- Capt. Mike fitzcharles        Thursday- Vinnie Madson…..
mike-1                              vin

Friday- Friday Robert    &       Pirate Peg-leg Steve.
robert             steve-p
Saturday – Jeff Calkins ……
Sunday I am still working that out
Fishin Frank  “me” will be working both stores as needed.
please stop by and meet the Pirate crew, I believe you will understand why I brag,
I have the best crew in the industry.

NOTICE of the strange

Yes we open the North Fort Myers store, Monday at 8:am with no lures or product on the walls.
we will be stocking the store day by day, until we have every thing there.
Ok this is not the normal way to do this, but we are sharing the in side of the building with Ingman Marine.
who will have a parts store there as well, as selling boats and motors
Oct. 3rd Monday we will have regular Fishin franks people working, so why wait,  you may come in and check out
what we are doing,
one Favor please don’t ask us to sell stuff out of the boxes. it all has to be scanned into the store’s
computer inventory and with 15,000 + or -, items we are stocking there. it could be quite a problem to go out of order of the inventory system,
we plan to have more than 800 fishing rods in stock. and more if you count combo rods and reel sets. again could get confusing for us,
we are welcome and yes I would thank you if you would like to buy any thing up on the walls out of the boxes.

I am rather proud of this store and sorry but it is kind of a boutique, or I could say really quite nice and orderly.
“how did I get that into the design ?” ok yes this anit no boutique. but that one kinda is.
our lease says no live or frozen bait in this store.

If the people of Fort Myers like us and support the store,
I will find a location closer to the water for a bait and Tackle store.

thank you.
Fishin Frank



fishin up date 09/28/16

The gulf of Mexico is the place to be, Mahi-Mahi / Dorado are in again
to be fair there is a lot  more Bonita and King Mackerel as well as good size schools of Spanish Mackerel.
The Grouper are in as close as 55 feet of water nice keeper size Red Grouper.
BAD news is the Red tide has started along the coast but no reports of Red Tide out past 5 miles in the gulf So at least that is
not horrible. Not good close to shore right now fish kills along Englewood and most of the Coast

NO Red tide in the Harbor NONE so the Harbor from Cape Haze north to us is safe and No Red Tide possible for now.


fishin up date 09/23/16

Big over sized Red fish cruising the beaches, Yes the Red Fish spring break is getting started, They are hanging out at the beach, from Venice to Snaibel reports of Big 35 inch or larger Reds, Cool thing is they can be caught from land.
passes Like stump, Boca, Punta Rassa where you can drive to are great places to try , catch and releasing big ole Bull reds,
Shrimp on a jig head or Cut Pin fish are the bait of choice.

Good luck

Up date 09/19/16

We are heading to fort Myers, to the new store to see if we have a C.O. Maybe we can start loading the new store with fishing goodies,
decided to add another 32 feet of Rod racks to the 102 feet we already have built, should be quite the display, hoping to have close to 1000 Rods in stock
about a 100 more than here.
Let you know how it is going as I find out.
In case you are going fishing the black drum are still at the bridge 41 and I-75 and there is Red fish to be caught as well,
Some Sharks in front of Turtle bay and the Kings are getting thicker off Boca.
going to be an interesting and fishy week

Fishin up date 09/17/16

King Mackerel, Yes tasty strong fighter are in good number along the coast starting at around 3 miles and out, So you can get them even from a smaller boat. trolling or live bait fishing are both good ways, A pin fish under a float drop the pin fish over the side and place the bobber 15 feet or so from the Pin fish then let if drift away from the boat easy trick for kings and just remember to take off the bobber when you are reeling in your prize King.

a letter 09/15/16

Hey Frank!

I am a semi native to the SW Florida area raised here moved away for college and back as of 2011. Never really fished when I was growing up here but over the past 5 years I have fished the harbor weekly since moving back. ( I caught the bug fishing crappie and bass in Cincinnati where I went to school). I have been in your shop and am so thankful you have the business in operation.

I came in a couple weeks ago and got a couple of spools re threaded.. I really appreciate the time you took with me (taking time to explain what your personal preferences were in the specifications i was looking for on my inshore rigs and why). Seriously man!!! ??? Who does that?

I have just recently found your radio and fishing reports online. Dude .. you know you’re totally breaking the fishermans silent code right????? ( MY FREAKN HERO) strike that (EVERYONES FREAKN HERO).

As a new boat owner (16 foot mako skiff (stole it from a neighbor)) Ive been following the reports and just beside myself with the information you guys share with the general public .. seriously man who the hell does that !!!!???? Put my ol lady on on a nice bull red saturday in part from the information your show/ report provided . Just wanted to let you know .. you and your business really provide a service to our community and I / we really appreciate it bud.

Another Fishin Franks? well yes

Fort Myers Fishin Franks
the store will be at 14531 N.Cleveland ave
which is next to northern tool.
we start taking products there, next week,
we have rented the building from Ingman marine they will be selling boats and we are of course putting in a tackle shop.
the lease prevents us from doing bait for now, and we will se what the future holds. If the people there, like what we do I will find a location which will be a full bait & tackle, this store is to get our toe in the Fort Myers water so to speak and if Ft M like us we will go all in. In a location closer to the water

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