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Fishin Up date 09/13/16

Shrimp is the news, according to Capt. karl who just got off the water.
Fishing the north end of the Harbor around Hog Island the Reds, Snook and Trout all readily hit the shrimp
They had for bait. Karl said they had no time to go and find white bait so they took some shrimp and had a great morning fishing.
So good news for those of us who don’t wish to run all over looking for bait,
Capt. Karl did say Sunday he used white bait and had also had a great day.
So all in Shrimp, white bait, crabs
Have fun catch some fish and keep an eye on the storms

Fishin Frank

fishin up date 09/10/16

joe-red-2 joe-red

Frank, i saw there were no reports so i figured i give you some info for you report page in South Gulf Cove.

Been trolling with Rattle traps and Live Target rattle baits. Been catching a few small Snook and a few slot reds. The fishing has been the best just before sunrise and sun set.

Fishin up date 09/09/16

Black drum at the 41 bridge, this is a Bottom Fishing thing here Blue Crabs, Cut in half or Shrimp use a sinker and about 18 inches from the hook.
A 4/0 hook is a good size. No time of day is better than another.

Fishin up date 09/07/16

Flounder this year has been the best flounder fishing we have seen in the last 15 years, and is getting better.
Flounder reports from Grassy Point to Mangrove Point all the way, to Cape Haze.

fishin up date 09/03/16

Sharks and Spanish mackerel from Boca Pass to Cape haze,
I guess that makes sense as Spanish Mackerel are not only a Favorite food for People Sharks like them as well.
A new Law about Spanish no cutting them for bait at all, So You need another kind of fish for Shark bait.

The Spanish are hitting spoons or shrimp under a poppin cork, for the sharks a chunk of bait fish on the bottom

Fishin up date 09/04/16

Black Drum continue to be a Big deal at the 41 bridges,
Blue crab and cut bait seem to be the best bet, Funny the bait truck just got here with a load of crabs so the timing was good.
This is bottom fishing with a sinker, So a great excuse to while away some time under the shade of the bridge and wait until you get your arms sore and your heart pumping.

fishin up date 09/03/16

weather 9 3 16
Could it be??????

Red fish on the east side, and by the 41 bridge. and no rain on the radar?
Yes it is true and the weather report says

Light and variable wind becoming southwest 6 to 11 mph in the morning. Chance of precipitation is 30%. New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

can I go should I go Well the fish are already wet, and there it looks pretty good

Fishin up date 09/02/116

my best Advice A warm toddy, by the fire place inside and a good Movie.
For you Die hard I am calling it a Spill way day, All along U.S. 41 the spillway have Snook, Tarpon in good numbers
The Dam on Shell Creek has Snook and there is going to be Elbow room today.
Another thought might be some of the bridges, where you can get under the bridge and just drop a Shrimp or even A live Fresh water Shiner, right between the pilings and Do battle with a monster Snook.
This is one of the simpler ways to Snook fish just drop the bait right between the piling and hold it there, you may use a Jig head or just a free line hook,
That would be a current thing if the water is moving fast go to a jig head, 3/8 or 1/2 once if the current is not strong just a free line hook with the bait.
Great way to relax out of the rain and get blasted by big fish

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