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Accurate reel drawing just ened 08/18/16

Accurate Reel Give away just ended and this young man Won.
this was a real nice night. Thank you Accurate Reels had a great time.> Lots of T-shirts and Hats were given out and good tackle info and Fishing information as well.


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Accurate reels are in the building 08/18/16

The guys are here drawing at 7:30 they are getting set up
come in and talk fishing with the Guys from Accurate


Call 941-625-3888 for details or just get your behind moving
a chance at a Free Accurate reel come on MOTIVATE


Fishin reports new 10/18/16 I know, it’s about time

New reports on the place by place and Radio fishin

TONIGHT is the Accurate REEL giveaway drawing must be here to win 5:30 to 7:30pm TONIGHT




TONIGHT WIN A ACCURATE REEL be here at our Port Charloote store 5:30pm to 7:30 pm Drawing at 7:40pm must have ticket by 7:15
tickets are FREE, stop by meet the guys from Accurate reels , and get your ticket one per person. you MUST be HERE at 7:30 to WIN.

Win a free Reel here at Fishin franks. Oct 18th


This Tuesday night Accurate reels will here at Fishin Franks.
They are giving away a Accurate Fury 400X reel $269.95 Value
You must be present to win the Event starts at 5:30 Pm and the Drawing is at 7:30
stop in Tuesday and get your drawing ticket one person and they are FREE NO Charge
just talk to the guys from Accurate and take a FREE chance at winning a Fury400X reel
the one in the picture.
JUST Show up to win you must be here when the Ticket is pulled and announced, Tickets will be in a bucket
and the winning ticket pulled at 7:30.
Hope you can make it
Fishin Frank

Steve Pirate Peg leg 10/09/16

Steve who has joined the Pirate crew of Bait bandits here at Fishin Franks, had a F.F. experience last night..
Steve and his fiancé Heather were having dinner and a man and his son came up to the table,
The son had been to the store and worked with Steve to find the right rod and reel and Steve showed him a couple lures and explained how to use them,
where, why and how. The boy was so excited as I would be, to tell Steve that he had caught 35 Snook in the last week. WOW I could use a week like that.
Steve the Pirate Peg leg was a Bass Tournament Pro. and is an amazing person. and is now a full member of the Pirate crew of bait bandits here.
when you get stopped out in the world and people tell you how you helped them and the fish they caught, with a giant smile on their face. It is hard to describe the feeling we get when it happens, But safe to say it makes it all worth while.
For my part I would like to say thank you to Steve and the rest of my crew for taking the time to help out those people.
and to thank all of our customers and friends.
My Crew and I are not perfect, kind of a motley bunch, but we all seem to fit here.
We try hard to bring the joy we know as fishing, from our world into yours.
This is our life.
Thank you all for sharing it with us.
Fishin Frank

storm page best info

I found this page a while ago and have a link to on on the weather page, the most complete page I have ever seen for those of you looking fo info on the storm.
click this link it has all of the weather for the hurricane on one page, Yes I use it is safe
Fishin Frank

Fishin franks 10/04/16

I am headed out to keep getting the store open there in north fort Myers, Lots to do, we started yesterday and within a couple weeks the store should be nearly stocked. Tomorrow we will be taking rods down, this store when fully stocked will have close to 1000 Rods. You are welcome to stop in and see what’s going on
14531 N. Cleveland ave 339903 Locted in the Ingman marine dealerds in North Fort Myers. They had 38 boats there I counted yesterday and more on the way.
Fishin Frank

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