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Fishin up date 10/03/16

well There is good news sort of. The Peace River and Mayakka Rivers are both rising with the rains,
That is both good and bad. More fresh water for the Harbor which will keep it murky and limit the amount of bait fish.
Good news is that it is impossible for any Red Tide to sneak in past cape haze, Even Bull & Turtle Bay or Bokeelia will be some what protected.
With the amount of run off we have had it should not strengthen the Red Tide more than it is and hope fully wipe out any small pockets of the algae in-side the ICW . So the brown water is not all bad right now.
But the it will take the harbor a while to be clear and salty again. So brown or gold lures. As I side note Shrimp remains a strong bait and the fish are taking it steady. So note to self report Shrimp is really working great I need to order more for the week-end, while we did not run out there was not enough larger ones for the day. Good business thought have what people want.
Ok.  Red Fish are thick East side or west side, plenty to play with even around Hog island. not much for Trout but a few Pompano. and the Tarpon
bite is good although you have to hunt for them, The holes in the Harbor or the Alligator Creek reef best bet,
Fishin Frank

Fishin up date 10/01/16

Well just got off radio Waterline.
had a good time talking to Josh and Capt. Mike.
the Fishin story of the day is Red fish, East side west side all around the Harbor the Red Fish are in and it is a Shrimp bite.
On the bar you have a choice of Shrimp on a Jig head or Shrimp under a float. The float or bobber will give your bait a chance to move,
using a shrimp on a Jig head is more of where the Red fish likes to feed which is on the bottom, But if the Reds are not close to where you cast
having your bait move maybe it will find the fish before the fish could find your bait, So best bet is if you have two people. One fish on the bottom with a Shrimp on a Jig Head and the other person use a Shrimp under a float/Poppin cork/Bobber.
Back to the Radio program, the Spot Check this week was Ponce De Leon Park, Good choice for wading or Pier fishing
and Capt. Mike has found tarpon from Cape Haze up to the reef off alligator Creek, the show is on Saturdays 92.9 fm 6 to 8:am
I was filling in for Robert this week as he is on Vaction
I think it is  to hear their show, or to hear the Fishin Franks shows
Good luck
Fishin Frank

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