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Fishin reports 11/29/16

New place by place report

New Radio fishing with even more info about the places and on the water reports from
Capt. Karl and an on the water report from Capt. Dan Latham

Red tide report 11/24/16



A bloom of the Florida red tide organism, Karenia brevis, persists in Southwest Florida from southern Pinellas to northern Monroe County.

Karenia brevis was observed in very low to low concentrations in five samples collected from Pinellas County; low concentrations in one sample collected from Hillsborough County; background to medium concentrations in seven samples collected from Manatee County; medium to high concentrations in ten samples collected from Sarasota County; medium to high concentrations in nineteen samples collected from Charlotte County; background to high concentrations in sixteen samples collected from Lee County; background to very low concentrations in nine samples collected from Collier County; and very low to medium concentrations in seven samples collected from Monroe County.

Additional samples collected throughout Florida over the past week did not contain K. brevis.


This is from the state and it is telling us, that we will have some places of Red tide, but not thick or wide spread.
I will continue to post these for you as I get them small problems are better than big ones.
Happy Thanksgiving at least it is not everywhere, something to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving fishin up-date

Red Fish are the Holiday fish of choice, with the top 3 places being The southern half of the West wall from the towers south, #2 from Pirate Harbor 1/2 mile to the north around the Islands. and #3 Turtle Bay from the sand bars at the mouth across to the Eagles cut.

A holiday bonus is King Mackerel are up in the Harbor from the Cape Haze Reef up to the Middle hole, The Kings are similar to Spanish mackerel with-out all of the Yellow, but Sky-rocketing kings “Jumping out of the Water”  have been seen and a couple caught.

Hope you are all Happy and well fed, My best to you and your family
Fishin Frank

Area Fihsin report 11/21/16

New area fishin reports

thank you for your support,
Fishin Frank

Fort myers boat show 2016

Hi there if you can, try and come to the Fort Myers boat Show.

It has to be the largest boat show to be on the west coast of Florida in memory. I mean wow from Jon boats to Yatchs. every thing is there. of course we have fishing seminars going all day , lot of people and food and bars Yes good point all.

This is one you should not miss.

Fort Myers Boat Show 2016 surprise this week

At the Fort Myers boat Show stop by and get one of these

img_0482 img_0483

Yes our Funky, freaky, Fishin, far-out, faint-hearted, fear-less, fairly flaky, Santa has a Holiday surprise for Everyone.
I had to add the Far-out man-o-man just reliving a bit of my youth.

Stop in our booth at the Fort Myers Boat show  and ask for your 15% off card. This card is good at both Fishin Franks locations either
in Port Charlotte or the New North Fort Myers store. The Boat Show is this Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday and we will have the cards with us.
These are NOT being handed out at random to people, Folks who stop by and talk fishin,
or maybe even buy something, although it is not required, we will give you one of these cards, good for 15% off, a one time purchase So if you are going to buy fishin gifts for friends or maybe “hint-hint” your self, if you do it in one purchase you get the 15% off.

this year was tuff, with the weather, elections, you name it Florida got hit with it.
this is my way of saying thanks for being with us, during this strangest of years, and hopefully make your Holiday shopping a bit less expensive.
First come, first get cards, until they are gone, when they are gone they are gone.
and they are good for one purchase of as many items as you have not including- Live or frozen bait or Fishing license.
1 card, 1 person, 1 time.

Thanks so much for being with us through this trying year and lets all hope for a very calm, peaceful and prosperous 2017
Fishin Frank

Fishin reports up dated 11/14/16

From Boca to Burnt store, Venice to Sanibel, El Jo Bean,  Peace river, Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf of Mexico
Just all over the darn place,

Place by A place written Fishin report

Radio Fishin  Listen to a more in-depth fishin report on Fishin Franks Pod cast

of course Radio Fishin is more in-depth, Robert and I talk and I don’t have to type it.

Fishin reports on Radio fishin and place by place

11/08/16  here are links to my reports,

Radio Fishin area fishin report with Myself , Robert, and Capt. Billy Barton

here is the place by place reports



fishin up-date 11/05/16

todays top story Red fish,nice schools of redfish in bull bay and the entrance to turtle bay. as a side note there’s also plenty of snook under the mangroves.

offshore- king mackerel from three miles off Venice and north,wit the weather cooling down we are expecting the kings to be thick off boca any day now.

also there have been reports of juvenile tarpon still in the canal systems, early morning people have been seeing them rolling, small artificial swim baits have been the ticket.

-Captain Andrew

Fishin Frank up-date 11/09/16

Sorry for no reports, I have Meniere’s disease which is a disorder of the inner ear that causes episodes in which you feel as if you’re spinning (vertigo)
“think of getting off a tilt-a whirl while having food poisoning”
, Yeah Yuck because of this I have been stuck at home since Oct 26th 10 days!! The longest I have been out of work in my life!! So no fishing reports I did try to start back to work which ended with Friends coming to drive me back home. So I have seen a couple of Doctors and gee guess what they gave me some pills. Ok they do seem to be helping. and if there are no more episodes/attacks I will be doing regular fishing reports again.
I am ok, just very up-set at not being able to work. I did on the plus side increase my bass playing skills 4x’s what they were.
I had to do something and that is my 2nd choice, I wish I could have been fishing.

Any way I will have the fishing report and Radio fishin up-dated today if all goes well. and I do not have another episode. As a safety net, I will be teaching Capt. Andrew how to work the controls and do the fishing reports so if I am down he can take over. Right now there is only me. Who knows how to do this. I just never thought I would be out this much I guess time for the old Bull to start letting a younger one give me a hand.
anyway thanks for your patience and for e-mails that were wondering if I was ok and not getting mad because there were no reports.
Happy to be back at work

Fishin Frank

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