Fishin Frank up-date 11/09/16

Sorry for no reports, I have Meniere’s disease which is a disorder of the inner ear that causes episodes in which you feel as if you’re spinning (vertigo)
“think of getting off a tilt-a whirl while having food poisoning”
, Yeah Yuck because of this I have been stuck at home since Oct 26th 10 days!! The longest I have been out of work in my life!! So no fishing reports I did try to start back to work which ended with Friends coming to drive me back home. So I have seen a couple of Doctors and gee guess what they gave me some pills. Ok they do seem to be helping. and if there are no more episodes/attacks I will be doing regular fishing reports again.
I am ok, just very up-set at not being able to work. I did on the plus side increase my bass playing skills 4x’s what they were.
I had to do something and that is my 2nd choice, I wish I could have been fishing.

Any way I will have the fishing report and Radio fishin up-dated today if all goes well. and I do not have another episode. As a safety net, I will be teaching Capt. Andrew how to work the controls and do the fishing reports so if I am down he can take over. Right now there is only me. Who knows how to do this. I just never thought I would be out this much I guess time for the old Bull to start letting a younger one give me a hand.
anyway thanks for your patience and for e-mails that were wondering if I was ok and not getting mad because there were no reports.
Happy to be back at work

Fishin Frank

About Fishin Franks

I have been in the fishing business since 1984, and enjoy mu customers. we here at Fishin Franks bait and tackle are pretty good with our customers 95% of the time, 3% not so good and 2% we fail miserably. But all in all we hope you give us a try. and that day we don't fail at being who you hope we are. Fishin Frank

3 responses to “Fishin Frank up-date 11/09/16”

  1. john grenier says :

    Glad to hear your feeling better

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Rusty Rhodes says :

    Hope you get better soon Frank thank goodness you’ve got the guitar.Take care man.

  3. Stephen Worden says :

    Frank .. the same type ear thing caused me to quit my job at TSA in 2005. Totally understand how it feels!!

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