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New Baits for fresh-water Both stores. 12/16/16

Fresh water fishing is getting a lot of attention so Fishin Franks in Port Charlotte and in North Fort Myers
have added a bunch of new baits.
Wigglers a very lively worm, Two types of Night crawlers, Wax, Worms, Butter Worms, Meal Worms.
we are expecting our Crickets to be here by Monday.

img_0519 img_0523 img_0524 img_0526 img_0527 img_0530 img_0531 img_0533

The Fishin Franks experience in Port Charlotte at 4425-D Tamiami trail Port Charlotte 33980

and The Fishin Franks in The Ingman Marine boat dealership at 14531 N. Cleveland ave.  in North Fort Myers 33903

New Radio fishin 12/10/16

Radio Fishin with Peg-Leg Steve and Capt. Karl

And another Show with the Fishing Coach Josh

Red Tide report for Charlotte Harbor 12/02/16


For the 2nd time in my 32 years of business we have had red tide in the upper Harbor.

We are hoping the east and or North east winds will blow this mess back out of the Harbor,
there have been Fish kills in Rocky creek and almost up to the 41 bridges,
People at Burnt store and Pirate Harbor are still coughing so the Red Tide is still there. come east wind do your magic and get this out of here.
No coughing reported in any of the places where dead fish have been seen north of the alligator creek reef. so the assault on the upper Harbor may be over for a while. Think good thoughts for the fish on the south end of the east side,
Strange but Turtle bay seems to be spared from red tide and reports of Good Trout fishing and quite a few Red fish
The power part of the West wall remains good fishing as well.

A bloom of the Florida red tide organism, Karenia brevis, persists in Southwest Florida from southern Pinellas to Lee County, with patches observed in Collier and northern Monroe counties.

Over the past week, Karenia brevis was observed in low to high concentrations in twenty-four samples collected from Sarasota County; very low to high concentrations in two samples collected from Charlotte County; background to medium concentrations in ten samples collected from Lee County; background to low concentrations in two samples collected from Collier County;


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