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Fishin up-date 01/31/17

Hey it is about the Red fish, east or west sides, there is more smaller Reds around than over size,
But slot size fish can be caught I would start looking close to your dock as they are scattered from the south end to the north end of the Harbor,|
with the water at 65 degrees it is a shrimp bite right now, but you should try a jig head or a float or free line, change rigs before you change the place.
The Reds will bite but they are picky about how you present the shrimp, each spot may need a different presentation, and as the day warms you might need to change again.
Best bet is out going tides in the afternoon.
Fishin Franks
Port Charlotte & North Fort Myers

area fishin report 01/30/17

Area Fishin report place by place.

New radio fishin… 3 new shows today


Radio Fishin 01/28/17 new shows

New shows — Fresh water, salt water and a rant

area fishin report and Radio fishin 01/19/17

Area fishin report Place by place written report

Radio fishin report following the written report with lots more detail as I don’t have to ype

Radio Fishin, Fishing up-date 01/19/17

Reports from
Capt Mike Myers,    Patrick Sebile,    Capt. Tom fisher

Fishin up date 01/17/17

Sheep head on the near shore reefs. Yes the reefs are loaded up with these tasty bait stealers, a Trick from Capt. Mike Myers is to use a 1/4 once jig head and slow bounce them with a live shrimp on it, Red or Silver heads are the best ones right now.
Cobia on the reefs as well. the reefs with in 10 miles even as close as 3 miles have a lot of fish on them.
The Grass flats are loaded up on a lot of different fish from Blue fish to Trout or Lady fish drift and cast to find them then anchor up once you find the fish. or keep drifting until you find the ones you want.
hear more details on radio fishin

fishin up-date 01/09/17

Black Sea bass Yes this is a good time for these. Black Sea bass have not been very plentiful here for several.
Right now on the beaches where ever you can find a dock or old pier. toss a shrimp.

Sheep head are picking up and the colder waters are bring on the bite better at Placida or Tom Adams
But El jo is coming on strong.

Port Charlotte Boat show this week,


What 2016 seemed like to me

Each day, took a week to get through,
a week seemed like a month,
A month seemed like a week,
and the year went by in a month.
Maybe it was just me, but ????

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