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Fishin up-date 02/07/17

Spotted Sea Trout and Bonnet head sharks, which are a smaller Hammer head Shark.
The Trout are on the flats in good number and they are hitting Shrimp under a poppin cork, But the key this morning From Capt. Tom Fisher is to remove the head and let the smell work for you. This has got his customers a bunch of Trout and Several Sharks this morning.

Fishin up date 02/06/17

Cobia become more of a catch, On the east side of the Harbor and in the waters of the near gulf. More cobia showing up by the day.
Looks like Feb. Is going to be the Month for Cobia Catchin

Fishin up-date 02/03/2017

Cobia and Sharks on the East side, Just outside the sand bar.
Both fish are hitting on Live shrimp, either Free line the Shrimp or use a jig head,

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