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Fishin Up date 04/2/17

getting warmer so the fish are moving up under the trees more
So the shade is where you are going to find the Snook and reds . But there is still quite a few off of the trees, So start way back and cast close to the mangroves, if you do not get a hit in say 15 minutes move 10 feet closer, and again until you can cast up under the branches. Shrimp with bait of even cut bait. If ther is more than pone person on the boat use a different bait on each rod until you find what they want to eat.

Fishin up date 04/21/17

Fishin is really good right now.
if the tide goes slack , watch for shore lines with the wind blowing along the shoreline and the Snook are hitting there.
we always think of hiding from the wind, but on these slack tide days, a windy shore line can bring on the bite.

Two different fish and two retrieve speeds.
Snook you need fast moving lures, Snook are very aggressive and want the lure moving really fast
but for the Reds you need to slow way down. almost like late summer, same with bait cut bait is key to catching.
a live white bait will work but a Cut up pin fish will catch twice as many.

Snook lure of choice right now is the 6 inch savage bait reeled fast.


Fishin up date 04/16/17

barracuda Caught In Charlotte Harbor not the kind you think they are.
The Great Barracuda, the one we think of really doesn’t like muddy bottom
Shallow waters, But The Sennet Barracuda likes muddy bottom shallow waters
So they are regular visitors on the flats Charlotte Harbor.

The are both good eating and hard to tell apart. And They are both real Barracudas

Fishin up date question 04/09/17

do you like the reports on the maps?

let me know, I will be doing some regular posts text type,
I just thought the map, would be an interesting idea.
Fishin Frank

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