Fishin up date question 04/09/17

do you like the reports on the maps?

let me know, I will be doing some regular posts text type,
I just thought the map, would be an interesting idea.
Fishin Frank

9 responses to “Fishin up date question 04/09/17”

  1. Lonnie breaux says :

    Yes very helpful for us new comers. I appreciate your reports

  2. WILLIAM G HARNEY says :



  3. Tom says :


  4. Steven Mullins says :

    Great idea frank

  5. michael gussin says :

    I like them alot. Good to have a zoomed in and zoomed out image…

  6. aaronl3182 says :

    I think the maps are good for those not so familiar with the area. If they are not too much of a pain to do, keep them coming.

  7. pgifishinbuddies says :

    The maps are great!!

  8. Austin Feilds says :

    Maps are great. Good for new guys and great for guys who already have good knowledge of the area but don’t get down as often as they would like. Appreciate it!

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