Fishin up date 04/16/17

barracuda Caught In Charlotte Harbor not the kind you think they are.
The Great Barracuda, the one we think of really doesn’t like muddy bottom
Shallow waters, But The Sennet Barracuda likes muddy bottom shallow waters
So they are regular visitors on the flats Charlotte Harbor.

The are both good eating and hard to tell apart. And They are both real Barracudas

3 responses to “Fishin up date 04/16/17”

  1. pgifishinbuddies says :

    The maps are great!!

  2. michael gussin says :

    Sennets make their way up to Cape May NJ some seasons…

    • fishinfranks says :

      They are a really cool fish, and no real difference to a great, just don’t get quite as big, Still a lot of fun to catch.
      I did not know they made it that far north, thanks for the up-date

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